The Holdy – Peroni Garden Bar

The Holdy in Glenelg has timed the opening of their brand new Peroni Garden Bar perfectly for summer with a few scorchers still ahead of us.

The bright, open nautical themed outdoor beer garden expands from an alfresco area of the pub and features a special cocktail menu, each with its own distinctive seafaring character.

On Friday we were invited to enjoy some of these cocktails in the lively Peroni garden where frosty tap beers, ciders, wine and other crowd pleasers were also available. The spotlight however was on the amazing cocktail creations and we could hardly decide where on the list to start. We finally settled on the few that stood out to us;

Treasure Island – Tanqueray Gin combined with sweet Fiorente Elderflower Liqueur, cranberry juice & a dash of sugar syrup finished with soda water. The Elderflower Liqueur introduces warm floral notes into the fruity and acidic cranberry juice and the simpleness of Gin lets these star components shine. The Treasure Island is so easy to drink, making a delicious thirst quencher.

Pirates Punch – Captain Morgan Spiced Rum with tropical flavours of Passoa Passionfruit Liqueur, orange & cranberry juice with a dash of lime. Another refreshing mix of fruity, spicey and freshness all in the one glass in case you couldn’t decide on one particular element.

Anchor Down Apple Crumble – Zubrowka Vodka, Licor 43, lemon & cloudy apple juice shaken with a pinch of cinnamon sugar. This dessert disguised as a cocktail tastes like an apple pie! The acidity and freshness of the lemon & cloudy apple juice plays very well with the sweet cinnamon spice, served in a tall glass this is one to try at least once.

High Seas Espresso – The Holdy’s twist on the conventional favourite. Ketel One Vodka, Tia Maria & fresh espresso shaken with a splash of sugar syrup. For when you need that little extra caffeine fix.

Mermaid Sour Kiss – Disaronno Liqueur mixed with lemon juice, tart cranberry juice, & balanced out with the sweetness of sweet sugar syrup. Described on the menu as tasting like a Cherry Starburst, there is no better way to imagine what this sweet beverage emulates.

I saved the best for last. The Lighthouse Lemon Cheesecake – Villa Massa Limoncello, Licor 43, sugar syrup, lemon juice finished with double cream. I suppose the best description for this dreamy concoction is: a rich, creamy but light lemon cheesecake, beautifully blended into a fine, velvety consistency and poured into a dainty martini glass just to be a little bit ‘extra’. Ever had a dream in the form of a cocktail? This would be it.

Special thanks to Girl About Town for inviting us to sample The Holdy’s Peroni Garden Bar has an exciting cocktail menu and we cannot wait to return to try the rest of the items on offer!

Words and Photos by Yasmine Yusuri

WHERE: 83 Brighton Rd, Glenelg South

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