Wednesday night, Adelaide Food Central was invited to Concubine, an upmarket Chinese restaurant located on Gouger Street. I have always had a soft spot for this food as it is always cooked to a very high standard. Owner, Audreen introduced to us Concubine’s wide menu consisting of entrees, noodles, mains, specials and sides.

Crunchy Soft Shell Crab and spicy green apple salad

I have seen this dish on multiple menu’s over the past few weeks, and I was extremely excited to try Concubine’s take on soft shell crab. Firstly you could tell that the crab was of a high quality. Sometimes when you bite into soft shell crab you can taste the shell a little too much, but this crab was cooked to perfection. I loved how this dish was paired with an apple salad, as the sweet fruit highly complimented the subtle crab flavour and crunch. The combinations really worked with each other, which was so exciting to see.

Smoked tea Duck Breast with sweet plum

Just about every time I go to a Chinese restaurant I will order this dish, and it is safe to say that this smoked tea duck is one of the best I have tried yet. The smokey flavour was very strong, but not too over powering that it controlled the dish. It was very flavoursome and I have never seen tea duck smoked to this extent, but it was executed so well, it worked!!

Steamed Prawn & Chive Dumplings with soy and chilli oil

If you prefer something with a little bit of a kick, then these dumplings are my spicy pick of the bunch. The prawn and chive filling was incredibly delicious, with the filling to dumpling ratio, perfectly coordinated. The soy and chilli oil had a bit of spice and helped to give the dumplings that extra element of zing.

Steamed Deluxe Dim Sims with flying fish roe

I am quite a sucker for dim sims, and definitely my favourite type of yum cha dish. It is quite often that dim sims can be quite fake and taste highly processed. You can tell that these dim sims used good quality products and the extra element of the fish roe gave it that slight difference.

Stuffed Eggplant with minced prawn in black bean & ginger sauce.

This dish is not something that I would usually order at a restaurant, but it is safe to say this may be one of my new favourite egg plant dishes. The easiest way to explain this dish is that it is a dumpling, with the eggplant being used as the dumpling wrapper. I really enjoyed the soft texture of the eggplant in conjunction with the harder minced prawn. The black bean and ginger sauce helped to draw some stronger flavours into the dish.

South Australian Prawns in lime infused salt & Sarawak pepper

One of the high light dishes on their menu, these wild caught spencer golf prawns are to die for. It was great to see this restaurant using local produce on their menu. The prawns had been coated in a salt and pepper batter and paired well with the sweet dressing.

Kingfish Fillet with eggplant and okra in a Malay yellow curry

I have never been a fan of whole fish and it is very rare that I actually find a fish dish that I enjoy. It is safe to say that I have finally found one I would eat all day every day. The sauce that was used had so much flavour and soaked the fish into the delicious and juicy spices. The combination of eggplant and okra along with some juicy tomatoes worked really well.

Angus Whole Beef Rib with dry rendang curry with toasted coconut

I am an absolute sucker for beef rib, especially when the meat is juicy and pulls of the bone. This dish did exactly that, and was everything I could ever ask for in this type of dish. The flavoursome rendang curry complimented the juicy rib and the addition of the toasted coconut helped to give that crunchy element and flavour.

Sticky Cooked Pork Ribs with tangy BBQ sauce

My favourite dish of the night, you would be crazy not to try it. All I can say is these pork ribs are to die for. The sweet sticky sesame outing complimented the juicy pork rib that literally pulled off the bone with little effort.

Stir-fried Thin Egg Noodles with Angus beef tenderloin

My favourite part of this dish was the light noodles, which tasted home made to me. The other elements of the dish were the classic stir fry ingredients that were fresh and authentic. The black angus beef tenderloin was incredibly tender.

Confit Duck and Green Leaf Salad with watermelon and peanut dressing

I have never been a large fan of fruit, watermelon in particular in salad, but I loved the style and variety of this salad. The confit duck was cooked to perfection, which was not a surprise to me considering the smoked tea duck was to die for. The light fresh flavours from the green leaf salad along with the sweet watermelon and the crunchy peanut dressing was a delight.

We would love to thank Audreen and the staff at Concubine for reminding us of how awesome and authentic their menu is. If you love modern Asian style food, or even any Asian food then I highly recommend trying their tantalising menu, I promise that you will not be be disappointed.

Words by Tomika Salerno

WHERE: 132 Gouger St, Adelaide

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