Mr Cheese

Mr Cheese cheesecake shop is the latest dessert noshery to join Hindley Street, heralded by Taiwanese head baker Oliver Wu, AKA the cheesecake magician.

The new shop opened on Monday November 6 to an already eager crowd.

“We’re excited to bring this unique treat to Adelaide. There’s already line ups!” says Wu.

Inspired from Japan, Mr Cheese is home to the light cheesecake – the perfect mix of creamy cheesecake and airy soufflé. Mr Cheese uses both local and Japanese quality ingredients to match the pureness and smoothness of the cream cheese.

“It’s different from the traditional cheesecake. Our cheesecakes are less sweet in flavour and have fewer calories… It’s more like a delicious and healthy substitute from the classic cheesecake,” explains Wu.

Mr Cheese serves up various flavours including original to the more daring Valrhona chocolate (French chocolate, made purely from cocoa beans) and matcha.

“We use premium matcha ingredients from Shizuoka Prefecture (Japan) as well as the sencha brewing technique to restore the original taste. Matcha brings a rounded sweetness and a pleasant bitterness to the cake, giving it a velvety texture. The Valrhona chocolate is similar – the aroma of the cocoa beans matched with the tang and creamy cheesecake is delicious!” describes Wu.

Cheese tart will also be a signature item at Mr Cheese, inspired by Hokkaido-style cream-cheese products.

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