50SIXONE Kitchen and Dessert Bar – Prospect

50SIXONE are set to open the doors of their third location in Prospect on Saturday November 25th.

Customers can indulge in the classic award-winning breakfast options, decadent desserts and insta-worthy shakes at the brand new location, which have sparked mass social media frenzy since the store’s first appearance in Hyde Park last July.

Venue co-owner, Simon Flocco expects the upcoming launch to be a sweet success with the launches of 50SIXONE’s Mount Barker and Hyde Park stores attracting unprecedented crowds of eager patrons.

“Considering the success of our Mount Barker opening day, we assume the crowd will be even larger at the Prospect launch due to the store’s more central location” says Flocco.

The energy will remain at an all-time high throughout the day, with free entertainment with a colourful twist.

The brand continues to push the dessert boundaries with their new cheeky cocktails. From Salted Caramel to Lychee Gin cocktails, the dessert bar is ensuring that it’s not just the kids that will have all the fun.

Come along to the new location to snatch up a free shake on the opening day, sample the new cocktails or take home 50SIXONE’s classic homemade zeppoles.

50SIXONE will be open for all day breakfast (served until 4pm), lunch, dinner and dessert.

WHERE: 6/98 Prospect Rd, Prospect

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