Pony and Cole

What’s the perfect way to start a Friday morning? Brunch, of course!

Offering up a new option for the inner suburbs is Pony and Cole – food full of flavour and fun!

Owner and Chef, Nicolle Hahn, opened up the café with her sister, Simone, just two months ago, both being exposed to the hospitality industry from a young age with their parents owning hotels.

The name Pony and Cole actually comes from Simone and Nicolle’s childhood nicknames, adding a personal touch to the family-owned business.

With a focus on local fresh, seasonal produce, the pair wanted to create dishes that showcased the best of South Australia, without being pretentious. A lot of their dishes are heavily plant-based as they found this is what their customers enjoy.

Yesterday, we were treated to five of the best dishes Pony and Cole have to offer:

Eggy Pot – The first dish up was the Eggy Pot and boy was this a great way to start! Featuring Splendid eggs from Mount Gambier, the Splendid free-range chickens are allowed to roam one whole hectare between just four hens! The eggs themselves are sous vide on top of a creamy potato mash served up in a petite glass jar. The combination of the egg and the buttery mash makes the perfect dip for the tomato-dusted toasted soldiers served alongside, and the bacon and apple jam makes the ideal accompaniment. Although a simple-looking dish, the Eggy Pot was definitely our favourite of the day.

Sweet Potato Rosti – Next up was the completely vegan, new take on the classic smashed avo on toast – just without the toast. This dish was the perfect example of Pony and Cole’s plant-based philosophy with a myriad of colours and flavours shining through. The rosti itself, held together with just the natural starch of the sweet potato, was crumbly and, together with a mouthful of the generous serving of smashed avo and pico de gallo, creates a unique party of textures.

Zucchini Fritters – Far from the normal crunchy and dry, these fritters were light and airy with a creamy texture. The subdued flavour of the fritters themselves, married with the saltiness of the feta cheese, and acidity of the pickled shallots and drizzled lemon juice, creates a light yet filling dish.

The Nest – This cryptically named Japanese-inspired dish was definitely the most visually intriguing of the day, with evidence of a number of different cooking techniques, even upon first glance. The ‘nest’ itself is actually made from tempura seasonal carrots and parsnip, cleverly presented in a way that replicates a bird’s nest. Of course, two poached eggs sit in the middle of the dish (because what brunch meal is complete without poached egg?) bathed in hollandaise sauce and sprinkled with furikake seasoning.

Campfire Breakfast – We didn’t know what to think when this dish was brought out under alfoil wraps. Even more surprising was when the entire table slowly started smelling like campfire smoke! Unwrapping the hidden breakfast underneath revealed sous vide egg, overnight oven-roasted tomatoes, baby spinach and baked bacon-y beans with some pumpkin, feta and rosemary damper. Let me tell you, the damper’s explosion of flavour upon first bite and its fluffy, melt-in-your-mouth texture are to die for! Not to mention, the triple-smoked bacon is, unsurprisingly, locally sourced from the Barossa’s very own Linke’s Butcher. This dish was the perfect way to finish off the tasting; highlighting some of the best South Australia has to offer.

If you’re looking for a place that has all the classic Instagram-worthy brunch dishes (and amazing coffee) but not-as-you-know-it, look no further than Pony and Cole.

Pony and Cole is open 7:30am-4pm Monday-Friday and 8:00am-2:30pm weekends so make sure to pop in for your next brunch session, we know we definitely will!

Words by Geena Ho

WHERE: 6 Manton St, Hindmarsh

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