Pinkster Gin – Cocktails & Conversation

Here comes the raspberry resolution! Gin but not as you know it. Instead of using dried fruit to to flavour the gin, founder and owner Stephen Marsh, started inventing at home in Cambridge, England. He opted for a unique twist by using fresh fruit. Pinkster Gin is made using fresh raspberries distilled in small batches by hand, blended with juniper gin. The raspberries are also then recycled as ‘Boozy Berries’, essentially a dessert ingredient which can be used to not only make trifles and chocolate brownies. But also accompaniments to savoury dishes such as the gin and juniper sauce, perfect for venison or pork. We were lucky enough to be invited to Madame Brussels in Melbourne CBD. A very fitting setting for the quintessentially British marketed gin brand to sample this unique gin and meet Stephen ourselves. All food and drinks were provided free of charge for the team.

The Pinkster Gin Fizza’s introductory opening line on the menu is “More popular than than National Postal Vote, and a lot less expensive…” – that definitely made us chuckle! Not only is it a funny opening line to a cocktail drink but it’s actually quite true. The cocktail itself was deliciously light and refreshing, perfect for a hot summer’s day best enjoyed outside in the beer garden and under the shade. The fresh raspberry notes in the Pinkster Gin itself were highlighted with the strawberry liqueur and balanced beautifully well with elderflower liqueur, a little lemon juice, and complemented with sweet strawberries, mint, basil, orange juice and soda for that light buzz. Summer in a drink right?

We also received a very pink bag full of goodies: a cookbook using the Boozy Berries, a cocktail recipe guide as well as Gin Jam. That’s right gin in a spreadable jam. We definitely know what we will be eating for breakfast (and in between meal snacks and pre-bedtime munchies) for the next few weeks.

Words and Images by Linh Nguyen

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