Careme Pastry – New Spelt Range

Carême Pastry has taken its reputation for innovation in dough creation to another level with the release this month of the world’s first ever ready rolled, all butter, pastry range made from wholesome Spelt flour.

The announcement of a Spelt Wholemeal Puff Pastry and Spelt Wholemeal Shortcrust Pastry follows months of research and testing of doughs by the Tanunda-based company to meet the needs of increasingly health-conscious consumers keen to enjoy a natural and nutritious product without depriving themselves of indulgent pie, tart and quiche treats.

And, according to Carême Pastry’s Managing Director Claire Wood, early feedback from both the home baker and professional pastry chef has been overwhelmingly positive.

“They have had an inkling of it via our many Instagram postings in recent months and a tasting at a chef trade show in Sydney back in May and the verdict has been unanimous – this is the product for those in search of healthy alternatives and real food that’s free from additives, colours and the like,” Claire said.

The new Carême Pastry Spelt range, while adopting a stronger ‘whole food’ approach, adheres to the company’s commitment to natural ingredients and its quality without compromise philosophy to pastry making.

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