Cult and Harper

I go to a lot of events, and sometimes there are ones that are that little bit extra special… this show was definitely one of them. Last Friday I attended the launch of the uber cool, Cult & Harper, down at Port Adelaide.

I really had no idea what to expect to be honest, but I was in for one hell of a surprise, this place is awesome!
Cult & Harper is the brain Child of Instagram ‘It’ couple Lisa King and Jarrad Lee Jackson. They have pulled off the impossible, and turned an old, run down empty building into a seriously cool artistic hub, gallery and retail space. Think St Kilda Road in Melbourne or maybe the very art centric Berlin, and you would be on the right track.

On arrival I was blown away by the amazing art work as you entered up the stairs. You then walk into a brightly lit retail shop where international and local brands such as Jungles Jungles, Valfre and Crap Eyewhere are stocked and superbly displayed. Moving through the space we then enter the photography, art studios and social space areas. A great use of the space.

Artist & Curator, Lisa King said, “The space is perfect? Cult & Harper is a place where we want to build a community of people working on art and as a workspace of people pushing themselves on social media who need a place to work from”.

This was one of those nights where attendees didn’t want to leave. The place was a buzz with excitement, with drinks and with conversation. Music on the night by local Adelaide identity DJ Driller, was on point providing the funky vibe. We were totally set for a fun evening.

The highlight of the night for me were the speeches Lisa and Jarrad gave. I loved their honest rag to riches story. They admitted to all that they were on just 2 hours sleep, due to the launch, and running soley on adrenalin. Considering this, there vibe was still electric. You couldn’t help but feel happy for them.. hard work has totally payed off for them.

Jeanette Bartholomew from Beautiful Bizarre Magazine was on hand to officially launch the space. Beautiful Bizarre is a leading quarterly contemporary magazine, so quite the coup to have Jeanette on board here.

All in all, this was a truly delightful night. I can’t wait to see what else Cult & Harper has in store for us. After such a successful launch, i think this really is just the beginning. Be sure to watch this space.

Words by Kathryn Robertson

WHERE: Level 1, 168 St Vincent St, Port Adelaide

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