Harry Vidal – Australian Horse-Led Trek to Raise Funds

A self-proclaimed gypsy and serial fundraiser, Harry Vidal’s next trek starts March 2018 and will see him dedicate eight months of his life trotting across Australia to raise funds for the Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS), with his two Clydesdale horses and his beloved dog Akiesha by his side.

Mr Vidal’s goal is to raise $80,000 for the Royal Flying Doctor Service during one of his biggest fundraising treks to date which will start in Melbourne and head up to the Gulf of Carpentaria.

“We are doing Burke and Wills track which is around 3000km and it will take us between eight to nine months,” Mr Vidal said.

“We do only five kilometres an hour with plenty of breaks for the horses,” Mr Vidal continued.

A veteran to fundraising, Mr Vidal’s previous endeavours included a fourmonth journey in 2016 from Murray Bridge to Lightning Ridge which raised $20,000 for Craniofacial Australia.

“It is an amazing way to travel, you meet a lot of great people, you get to view things differently and most importantly I am raising money for a really important charity that is close to my heart!”

Mr Vidal encourages Australians to support the Royal Flying Doctor Service and their work in providing emergency medical and health care services to the rural and remote areas of Australia.

“The RFDS is a great charity, I have seen the wonderful work they do first hand. I work on a farm in the Flinders Ranges and realise how critical they are to rural communities,” Mr Vidal concluded.

KICK OFF QUIZ NIGHT FUNDRAISER To help Harry kick off his $80,000 trek a quiz night will be held on: Friday 20 October at 7pm European Function Centre in Hindmarsh

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