Pirie & Co – New Menu – August 2017

Pirie & Co., the heart of Pirie Street in the city, has launched a new menu worthy of our attention. Boasting generous serves, this new eclectic menu is perfect for an after work bite with colleagues, a university lunch bite, and dinner with friends and family. In short, there’s something to please and tempt everyone. Ditch the diet, or treat yourself on cheat day, because Pirie & Co. will have you dreaming and drooling over their food within moments of reading this article – queue Oliver Twist’s Food, Glorious Food, as I take you on a smorgasbord of dishes featured on the menu.

Tempura Ricotta Zucchini Flowers with hummus, chilli oil, pesto and dukkah – This plateful is an absolute taste sensation, with the best of Middle Eastern flavours combining to make a stellar vegetarian starter. Starters are commonly shared, but trust me, you will not want to share even a morsel of this tempura fried, ricotta stuffed zucchini flower. Zucchini flowers are something every self-proclaimed foodie should have tried, because it’s absolutely phenomenal – and not to mention Instagram-worthy. If you haven’t already had the luxury of devouring this tempura battered cheesy goodness, you need to go and get yourself deflowered ASAP!

Asian Style Fried Chicken Wings with Mota hot sauce, Vietnamese salad – Asian style chicken wings are a relatively new foodie craze, so I’ll forgive you if it still seems like a foreign concept. But try Pirie & Co.’s wings and prepare to hop on the bandwagon, because these are well-worth the attention they’ve been given. Served with a ramekin of Mota hot sauce, a South Australian brand made locally, these crispy wings are succulent and salty. Salty and succulency aren’t usually mutually exclusive qualities, however, by some stroke of genius, these wings are. Accompanied by a refreshing minted Vietnamese salad with crisp cucumber to cool your palate after the salty wings and hot sauce, this dish is an absolute must-try. This is the perfect bar-style meal to go with some after work bevvies.

Crispy Asian Chicken Burger with Asian slaw, coriander and Mota hot sauce – A sweet brioche bun compliments the sweet and sour Asian slaw dressing this burger. But it’s the crispy and crunchy chicken, drizzled with SA’s Mota hot sauce, making another appearance on the menu, which really seals the deal. I’m usually a mayo kind of gal on burgers myself, but trust me, it’s perfect the way it is and will fill that burger shaped hole in your stomach. Asian infused Western dishes are so on trend at the moment, so you’d better get them while they’re hot!

Gnocchi with tomato, buffalo bocconcini, fresh basil and olive oil – I’d like to consider myself a bit of a gnocchi connoisseur, having consumed easily more gnocchi than any other kind of pasta, so the bar was set pretty high for this dish. Pirie & Co.’s gnocchi, without exaggerating, is the best gnocchi I’ve had in Adelaide. Light and fluffy, their gnocchi is pillowy perfection. The simplicity of the tomato-based sauce will be reminiscent of Nonna’s simple, but magnificent Italian cooking. The buffalo sized balls of bocconcini, which are genuinely huge, epitomises a cheese lover’s heaven. Once the cheese melts it is rich and stringy and oh so Italian, the only problem will be getting enough on your fork! Treat yourself to this dish, and a glass of read wine and you’ll be one happy lady.

Pan Fried Market Fish with garlic bok choy and sambal sauce – This Indonesian seafood dish glorifies all that is right with Indonesian curries and cooking. The bok choy, tossed through the curry sauce, and is sautéed in garlic so rich that your cravings will be satisfied – and ideally keep the vampires at bay. The sambal sauce is quite mild, but you can always add a hint of that SA produced Mota hot sauce to spice it up a notch if that’s to your taste. The dish sings of South East Asia in every sense, literally – taste, smell and appearance, the bright yellow sauce will be the first thing you noticed. A hearty sized piece of fish is perched on top with salad greens and beans to dress – it’s a dish to rave about for sure.

Pulled Lamb Shank Pie with Paris mash, peas and red wine jus – The ‘Paris mash’ probably sticks out in this description, and I hear you ask ‘what is Parisian about this mash?’ Well, to clarify Paris mash is all about creaminess, and we know how the French love their cream, so this mash is essentially the Versailles of mashed potatoes – traditionally rich and decadent. Enough about the mash though, because the pie is the real hero of the dish. Buttey, flaky pastry encases a generous amount of pulled lamb shank which is surrounded by sweet and wholesome red wine jus. Proper British fare in all of its heartiness, you will be wanting to lick this plate clean.

Crispy Squid with cucumber, coriander, bean sprouts, kewpie mayonnaise and lime – The real difficulty in cooking squid is that it so often becomes this awful chewy, stringy texture that is hard to swallow. However, Pirie & Co. have perfected the art of cooking squid, because this lightly battered squid salad is so delectable that sharing is not an option you’d want to consider. Served alongside a Vietnamese salad, the trendiest of salads at the moment, this is a banging dish. If the squid with dollops of kewpie mayonnaise alone isn’t enough to tempt you, the accompanying Vietnamese salad is sure to seal the deal.

Chocolate Brownie with honeycomb, hazelnut chocolate sauce and vanilla bean ice cream – Need I say anymore? The name itself is to die for. An ideal date night dessert, the sheer size of it will make you want to spoon into it together. The brownie is thick and moist, with giant chunks of honeycomb surrounding the cake, topped with real vanilla bean ice cream (which you will wish for a take-home pack of) is then lathered with the gooiest warm chocolate hazelnut sauce you can imagine. The laws of social etiquette will go out of the window, as you double dip your way through this decadent dessert.

Honey Panna Cotta with a choc nut crumble – Warning: do not disclose to your dentist you have eaten this dessert, because he will most certainly not approve. Super sweet, and super indulgent you will be abuzz on a sugar high after you’ve scraped the plate of this dessert. It may appear to be small, but satisfaction is guaranteed with this silky smooth panna cotta.

I hope your tummies are rumbling after reading that degustation temptation, because Pirie & Co. are open everyday except Sunday for lunch and dinner and have a table waiting for you. Pirie & Co. are offering a sensational seasonal menu, and you won’t want miss it. We’d like to extend a special thanks to Pirie & Co., and especially the genius behind this new menu, Ben Smith who is a kitchen God. Finally, eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow you may be food-comatose – but it’s worth it, I swear!

Words by Erin Gear

WHERE: 121 Pirie St, Adelaide

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