Beach Bum

Beach Bum opened on O’Connell St in 2016, and is unlike any other restaurant in Adelaide. From the eye-catching interior decorating, to the unique Japanese-Hawaiian food, to the impressive menu of cocktails, Beach Bum is the place to be for any occasion. Suitable for omnivores, carnivores, vegetarians, pescatarians, vegans and any other diet you might prescribe to for that matter, Beach Bum has something to please you. North Adelaide has free parking, and is easily commutable to by train or bus, so you really have no excuse not to pay a visit – it’s well worth the trip.

Hawaiian Salmon Poke with purple cabbage, pickled carrot, cucumber, edamame beans, green onion, toasted sesame, nori, avocado, seaweed salad, pickled ginger and apple soy sauce – Poke bowls are the newest food trend in the Southern Hemisphere at the moment, essentially a deconstructed sushi (with some added extras), this bowl is a rainbow of colours. It is sweet, sour, crunchy, and the salmon sashimi is perfectly smooth and freshly cut; it is the fitspo clean eater’s dream come true. The Hawaiian Salmon Poke is the perfect lunch or dinner meal, and is everything your palate could want – taking you all the way to the Hawaiian seaside.

Beach Bum Fish & Chips with tempura batter and ponzu sauce – The fish for Beach Bum’s famous fish and chips arrives fresh daily, none of this frozen bulk-bought packaged seafood that is a true Foodie’s worst nightmare. The two fillets of fresh fish are battered in a flavoursome and crisp tempura and accompanied by a ponzu sauce. Forget the tartare, fish and chips with ponzu sauce are even better! A sweet and tangy citrus based Japanese sauce, looking identical to soy, gives the traditional fish and chips an Oriental twist that you’ll be craving again and again. The chips are also noteworthy, as they are super crunchy on the outside and soft and steamy on the inside. Served as a mixture of regular chips and sweet potato chips, you no longer have to compromise. Beach Bum has a solution to that age-old question – por qué no los dos? – Why don’t we have both?

Coffee Beef Salad with coffee seasoned scotch fillet, cos, mint, tomato, melon, daikon, shallot, black bean dressing and Hawaiian dukkha – This gluten free salad is the salad of salads. People always say ‘you don’t make friends with salad’, but they’ve obviously never had this Coffee Beef Salad. Tender grilled, coffee seasoned beef, is tossed with salad greens, coated in a delicious black bean dressing and sits on a nice surprise of sushi rice which is the perfect touch to the dish. Coffee is an unusual ingredient in salad, and in savoury cooking in general, however the flavour is subtle and is not overpoweringly bitter – as might be your preconception. The rockmelon provides a refreshing Hawaiian edge, which is perfect with the black bean dressing.

Japanese Cowboy, fried chicken with baby corn, enoki and kewpie mayo – The name itself is surely enough to tempt your order, as these fried chicken strips are real cowboy food with an innovative Japanese twist. Juicy, finger licking chicken – even better than the Colonel’s – is accompanied by deep fried, battered baby corns and a kewpie dipping sauce; what more could you want?! I warn you though, order one each, because it is so full of flavour you won’t want to split this dish.

Sushi Taco-Tempura Prawn with nori, rice, tempura prawn, gochujang mayo, edamame, enoki mushroom and cilantro – Oh my goodness, this is one gorgeous dish, the plating is stunning and the colours just sing of the plate. It is an ingenious infusion of a Mexican idea with Japanese flavouring, with the nori replacing the tortilla wrap binding the dish together. This reimagined taco, resembling a deconstructed sushi is divine. Some heat comes from the Korean style gochujang mayo, made from a chilli paste, which is balanced well with the sweetness of the sweet and sticky sushi rice.

Luau Pork Belly, crispy pork belly with passionfruit glaze on a banana leaf with green chilli, watermelon, apple soy sauce, cilantro, coconut chips and mint – Another gluten free option has snuck into our review with sensational feedback. The naming of the dish is incredibly appropriate, with a Luau being a Hawaiian feast in which pork is often the featured meal. The slow and twice cooked pork is thick, fatty and crunchy, and melts in your mouth with absolute perfection – all the qualities you look for in a good pork belly. Cubes of watermelon, an unlikely accompaniment, cuts through the saltiness of the dish and – to my astonishment – pair really well. The passionfruit glaze provides a hint of tartness, making the dish salty, sweet and tart.

Fish Taco, tempura fish, toasted flour tortilla with wasabi mayonnaise, pickled cucumber, nori, sesame seeds, red chilli and coriander – This is a stand out dish, the fish, the salads and the sauces all combine to make a winner taco. I really don’t need to go into a lot of detail because the proof is in the pudding, or the taco in this case. The wasabi mayo is so good you’ll only wish it appeared on more dishes throughout the menu!

The only thing left to know is when are they open, right? Well, without further ado Beach Bum are open Tuesday to Friday for lunch and dinner, and Saturday for dinner. Rain, snow (wouldn’t that be something), or shine, Beach Bum is taking reservations and walk-ins. The last thing to do is enjoy, or as the Hawaiians say – komo i ka.

Words by Erin Gear

WHERE: 47 O’Connell St, North Adelaide

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