Spaghetti Western – Cocktail Soiree

Thursday night Adelaide Food Central attended Spaghetti Western’s Cocktail Soiree. We were graced with an assortment of cocktails and finger food throughout the night. Spaghetti Western is the newest addition to King William Street in the City. An Italian-American inspired bar that dishes up traditional Italian food with a Wild Western twist.

To start off the night we enjoyed a vermouth and lemonade cocktail. It was bitter sweet in taste and was reminiscent of an Italian Chinotto soft drink. I must admit, seconds (and thirds) were consumed by all of the team.

While the drinks were flowing the food exiting the kitchen was nothing short of memorable. To start off the decadence was a Mushroom Arancini. Cooked to perfection, the outside was crunchy while the inside oozed creaminess. It tasted sweet and crispy and was absolutely delicious!

Next was the Three Cheese Fried Ravioli. As an Italian this goes against every food tradition I’ve grown up with. However, I was surprised to enjoy this twisted Italian delicacy and had to go back for seconds. Paired with a sweet sugo sauce, it was a pleasant sensation on the taste buds.

The meat dishes were also amazing including Meatballs and a Veal Scaloppine with Italian sausage and tomato. Both were packed with flavour. Ending the night were the Zucchini Fries. These were similar to a bite sized vegetarian schnitzel and tasted great!

The final drink we sampled was the Salted Caramel Martini. This was super sweet and tasty, just like a caramel milkshake (except with booze, and who isn’t impressed by that?!)

Thank you to the team at Spaghetti Western for their kind hospitality, and of course, Girl About Town for organising another awesome event. This groovy place is definitely somewhere to suggest for after work knock offs or dinner with your mates.

Words by Indy Salerno

WHERE: 111 King William St, Adelaide

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