The Oxford Hotel – New Winter Menu 2017

The Oxford Hotel is revamping their winter menu at the North Adelaide establishment with comfort food galore.

With our winter woollies and our knife and forks in hand, Adelaide Food Central ventured to the arty venue to try some of the best dishes curated and perfectly plated by head chef Simon Conway-Lyden.

Crunchy Chicken Burger – lightly battered and golden brown tender chicken rests on a modern black nero brioche bun for a unique take on the pub classic. Packed in with smooth and creamy avocado, this sensational burger is settled on a bed of fresh salad and drizzled with wasabi aioli.

Pork Scotch Steak – This cut of pork is presented beautifully with a balance of sweet and savoury throughout the dish. Served with a gorgeously sweet rhubarb relish and experimental carrot and coffee puree, this combo is not one to miss. The classic combination of pork with a slice of grilled apple is completed with a flavoursome drizzling of jus.

Kingfish – This galaxy of seafood brings new flavours to your palette with every bite. Sitting in a broth of mixed seafood tastes, this kingfish dish combines soft potatoes, star pasta, prawns, mussels and crackers of parmesan to the rustic skillet. Topped with crunchy peanuts, the fish is perfectly cooked and a highly recommended menu item to try.

Grilled Duck Breast – This soft cut of duck is decorated with a salty and crispy skin. Served with savoury kale chips, parsnip puree and a delightful pop of colour from the pickled cabbage puree, this course is inventively finalised with the addition of crumbed hazelnuts and sultanas.

Herbed Crusted Chicken Breast – a beautiful serving of chicken breast is heavily topped with a herb crusted layer. Sweet pumpkin adorns the plate next to a swipe of mandarin gel, all enjoyed with butter and sage fregola.

Fillet of Beef – a perfect pink-red centre combines flawlessly with the charred smoky flavours of the beefs exterior. The medium-rare masterpiece is presented with a slightly granular yet smooth and buttery mashed potato, field mushrooms, blistered cherry tomatoes and a classic pastry puff. The perfect comfort food option for a winter warmer!

The new winter menu at The Oxford Hotel is the best one yet! Special thanks to everyone at The Oxford Hotel for their warm hospitality and feeding us until we rolled out of there.

Words by Emma Dignon

WHERE: 101 O’Connell St, North Adelaide

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