Fine and Fettle

Fine and Fettle is a cool new cafe set in a small complex just outside of the city. Owner, Sam Worrall-Thompson, also runs Jack Ruby, and has always had plans to open a cafe in the eastern suburbs. The fitout is modern and contemporary with good use to timber cladding and overhanging greenery.

The menu is divided into two sections; Breakfast and Salad Bowls. For breakfast, you can opt for something simple like Banana Bread or an Acai Bowl or go for something more exotic like Blue Swimmer Crab or Tonkatsu Pork Hock Brioche. The Salad Bowls come with meats that are cooked over a Japanese charcoal. All the proteins are covered with dishes like Furikake Bug Tails and Togharashi Salmon Sashimi only to name a few.

For lunch, I had the Achiote Pork Belly with guacamole, pico de gallo, charred corn, radish, pickled jalapeno and rice. The pork belly was well seasoned but a little on the dry side. The meat to salad ratio was disproportionate but appropriate for a lunchtime feed. The pico de gallo was light and refreshing, and the charred corn added a nice crunchy texture. The guacamole was smooth and creamy, and the pickled jalapeno provided good heat to the dish. The ingredients work well in harmony and it was a very enjoyable dish.

Keva had the Smoked Sharwarma Lamb with pumpkin hummus, spiced cauliflower, pomegranate, tahini and toasted pine nuts. Again, there wasn’t much meat to the salad, but the dish itself was very good. The lamb was tender and succulent, and the meat simply fell apart. The pumpkin hummus was smooth and creamy, and its sweetness was well complimented by the pomegranate. The cauliflower was more firm while the toasted pine nuts added a crunchy component to the dish.

This place ticks a lot of boxes. The menu offerings are different and the food is delicious. Two main reasons why this place will do well.

Fine and Fettle is open everyday from 6:30am-3pm.

WHERE: Unit 4, 57 Magill Rd, Stepney


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