KIK Chocolate

If you have ever struggled to justify indulging in that extra square of chocolate, the South Australian social enterprise Inspired BUY has a reason you won’t be able to resist.

The youth-driven start-up is excited to launch KIK Chocolate – a range of handmade, luxe chocolates purposely created by disadvantaged and vulnerable young people. All proceeds from the sales of the decadent chocolate will support Adelaide youth who have experienced homelessness, family violence, mental illness and social exclusion.

Inspired BUY Chief Executive Officer, Louise Nobes said the chocolates will retail for $2.50. It takes the sale of just 200 chocolates each week to exit a young person from poverty.

Utilising specially fitted digital technology, customers will be able to track their impact and see how the funds from the purchase of their chocolate are changing the lives of young people across Adelaide in real time.

The launch of KIK Chocolate comes just 12 months after Ms Nobes and the team at Inspired BUY launched the organisation’s first commercial business, KIK Coffee, along with the specialised youth training and employment program, Dream BIG.

Like KIK Coffee which posted a $12K profit within the first three months of operation, all proceeds from KIK Chocolate will be reinvested into the social enterprise and go towards further education and entrepreneur based opportunities for Adelaide’s youth.

It is projected that over the next 18 months the KIK brand will create 70 brand new jobs for young people across South Australia. It takes 4-5 hours to prepare and produce 200 chocolates. Retailing at $2.50 each, it is hoped the inspired message behind the handmade sweets resonates, not only with Adelaide chocolate lover, but also the national market.

To track the impact of your KIK Chocolate purchase, click here.

If you are a business and would like you to have KIK Chocolate in your office, shop, store or staff room, please email

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