Jolley’s Boathouse – Winter Offers

Jolley’s Boathouse is an iconic Adelaide restaurant located on the riverbank of the River Torrens. Situated on Jolley’s Lane just off of King William Street this fine dining restaurant provides stunning views of the river, delicious food and good quality wine. Adelaide Food Central was invited to try two special deals that will be available this winter.

The first offer we sampled was the Mud Crab and Moritz. The beautiful dish includes a whole mud crab sourced from Darwin and 4 Moritz beers. The crab that is used in this dish arrives from Darwin three times a week, and is still alive. The crab is killed to order to ensure a fresh and top quality product is being used. The spicy chilli and coconut broth that coats the crab is to die for. Beautiful Asian herbs including coriander and basil are used to help to infuse the rich and creamy coconut broth. We were also provided with delightful oily baos (an Asian type of bread) to soak up the juicy broth. Be sure not to wear your best shirt when eating this dish, as you most likely going to have some fun and get messy.

The second offer available is the Duck and Pinot. The dish includes a whole duck and two stunning glasses of Pinot Noir. The duck had been salted with prickly ash (sea salt and Szechuan Pepper), and then smoked and steamed. When the duck is completely cooled down it is split in half and brushed with ketsup manis and fried until the skin is crisp. As soon as the duck was bought to the table you could smell the smokey flavours of the crispy skin. The duck breast was absolutely divine and the skin was cooked to absolute perfection. The duck was served with steamed rice, Asian greens, Szechuan cucumber and a sticky date sauce. The sweet dates and thick sauce complimented the smokey duck flavours, and made a perfect combination. The Asian greens were very fresh, crunchy and paired well with all elements of the dish.

Jolley’s Boathouse is open for lunch Sunday to Friday from 12pm and dinner Monday to Saturday from 6pm. We would love to thank Gabriella and the professional staff at Jolley’s Boathouse for inviting us along to their stunning restaurant.

Words by Tomika Salerno

WHERE: 1 Jolleys Lane, Adelaide



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