Matchett Productions

Vicki Matchett, who is originally from New Zealand, developed her love of food as a youngster working in canteens alongside her grandmother, an industrial caterer. Her educational background gave her a taste for rural life, and when she left school, she studied agriculture. From there, she travelled extensively throughout Europe and Africa.

When she returned to Auckland, she completed the Cordon Bleu Cookery Certificate and was then accepted into Auckland Technical Institute to study for the City and Guilds Chefs Certificate. Upon completion, she moved to Australia and worked in various establishments before running her own restaurant: Rapps BYO in Adelaide. Knowing that the people of Adelaide have spacious homes and love to entertain, she saw a niche market for exotic takeouts through her Queen of Tarts catering business.

She has had a high profile involvement in the development of food networks in South Australia and was a founding member of the Flavour SA. In 2000, she completed the Governor’s Leadership Foundation Scholarship. She is currently a member of the Fleurieu Food Group.

She organically grows her own beef, lamb, yabbies, fruit and vegetables on her magnificent 31 acre property near Middleton, South Australia. She’s also built an industrial kitchen overlooking the Scott Creek Conservation Park from which she draws much inspiration to develop and produce exciting products.

Matchett’s is one of the vehicles Vicki Matchett uses to showcase her many talents.

A full range of chilli-based condiments, including Chilli Jam, Chilli Sting, Chilli Fire and Lust.  Fleurieu Peninsula olive oil based salad dressings including Salad Splash, Storm, Seduction and The Goddess.  The wonderfully unique hand-made water crackers in five flavours – Oatmeal, Cracked Black Pepper and Coriander, Poppy seed, Onion and Sesame.

Vicki Matchett has also added an exciting new signature range to her portfolio. The Big Sissy Foods brand was named after her grandmother who was an inspiration for her to be where she is today. The Grandkids called her “Big Grandma” and her family called her “Sissy” – hence the brand name Big Sissy Foods.

Big Sissy Foods is an exciting range of condiments including the Crocodile Candy, Screamin Cream and Holy Ghost chutneys. Delicious salad dressings including Beetle Juice and Secret Agent. The delectable sauces – Smokin Tex, Dead Horse and Dirty Harry.

Her inspiration is drawn on her magnificent property on SA’s Fleurieu Peninsula. Her passion can be seen as she tends to her vegetable garden, orchard and flock of Dorpa sheep. She takes great pride handcrafting these unique products using Australian grown ingredients. Manufacturing only small batch lots insures that an extremely high quality of product is maintained.

The products of Matchett Productions are available in all good providores across Australia or by visiting their website.


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