Muffin Break – West Lakes

Muffin Break first began in Canada in the 1980’s and prides itself on serving fresh coffee and delicious food with great service. It was not until 1989 that the first Muffin Break store opened in Australia and when that happened, the menu was refined to include a local twist. While there are many Muffin Break stores, no two stores are quite the same with success dependent on varying factors. One store that we like to visit is Muffin Break West Lakes. The new recently opened store in West Lakes Westfield Shopping Centre is located in a nice corner position with plenty of foot traffic. There are plenty of allocated seats for customers and it’s always nice to see friendly staff greeting you with a smile.

We started off with the Chicken Schnitzel Turkish. Generous portions of lightly crumbed chicken schnitzel were wrapped in a freshly baked Turkish roll. The chicken was juicy and succulent, and was well complemented by the saltiness of the bacon rashers. The lettuce leaves were fresh and crisp, and the tangy mayonnaise really brought all the ingredients together.

A visit to Muffin Break wouldn’t be right if you didn’t have a muffin. We went for the Raspberry White Chocolate muffin. The muffin itself was moist and crumbly, and generous amounts of fresh raspberries were mixed inside. Lashings of white chocolate were applied to the top of the muffin making it not overly sweet.

To wash it all down, we had one of their coffees. At Muffin Break, only the best Arabica beans from around the world are used and that’s why their coffee is award winning. Of course, the beans are only part of the equation, you still need a specially trained barista to make your coffee, and at Muffin Break West Lakes, there’s no shortage of those.

We can’t speak highly enough of Muffin Break West Lakes. The franchisee and staff are dedicated to bringing customers the best quality food with great customer service. Considering all their products are made fresh daily on site, they really do have the recipe for success. We were very impressed with the speed and efficiency of the service and we liked how our plates were cleared not long after we finished. Muffin Break West Lakes really knows how to complement a shopping experience. There’s nothing like a satisfying meal after spending hours of shopping.

We recommend you visit Muffin Break West Lakes whenever you’re in the shopping centre.

WHERE: Westfield Shopping Centre, 111 West Lakes Boulevard, West Lakes

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