Tasting Australia 2017 – East End Cellars Masterclass – Skinny Dipping

Since 1997 Tasting Australia has been one of South Australia’s most anticipating and memorable food and wine festivals.  The eight day festival starting on 30th of April and ending 7th of May, brings people together to showcase a wide range of South Australia’s food and drink. Based in Victoria Square and branching out to all parts of South Australia, Tasting Australia has something for everyone.

Adelaide Food Central was lucky enough to be invited along to the East End Cellars Masterclass. Tom Shobbock from Shobbrook Wines and Anton Van Klooper from Lucy Margaux Wines introduced us to the wonderful world of wine making. We had the opportunity to taste a range of their signature wines, and were accompanied by Tom and Anton’s stories and brilliant sense of humour. We sampled a wide variety of white wine variants, many smelling quite sweet but tasting dry, and a couple of beautiful deep red wines. The wine was accompanied by some lovely soft cheese and meats, which were provided by the East End Cellars located on Ebenezer Place.

It was overall a very enjoyable evening with lots of laughs, fruity wine and delicious cheese and meat. We would like to thank Tasting Australia for inviting us along to this wonderful masterclass and Tom and Anton for teaching and entertaining us.

Words by Tomika Salerno

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