For those that haven’t had the opportunity to make it down south yet, Pizzateca has a stall at Tasting Australia’s Town Square. Known for their traditional Italian pizzas, their dough is prepared more than 24 hours before it’s used. The pizzas are then topped with authentic house made ingredients and then cooked in a 3 tonne wood oven imported from Naples. With Pizzateca close by, we decided to put their pizzas to the test.

We started with the Broccoli Di Rape Con Pancetta. For those unaware, the broccoli di rape is a green vegetable that resembles broccoli but doesn’t have a large head. On the pizza, it had a subtly bitter taste that was balanced by the saltiness of the pancetta. The ingredients were held together by generous amounts of gooey fior di latte. The pizza base was bit thicker than thin, and was light and airy with lovely smokey flavours from the wood oven.

For those that like it sweet and spicy, the Diablo is for you. The base is spread with a rich, colourful sugo, and then topped with salami, chilli honey and parmigiano. What really makes this pizza unique and enjoyable is the chilli honey. The contrast of spicy and sweet is a joy for the senses.

One pizza that everyone will enjoy is the Quattro Formaggio. Translated as four cheese, this pizza is loaded with fior di latte, fontina, gorgonzola and parmigiano. The amount of cheese is generous and you’re certainly getting more than the daily required calcium intake. Best of all, the cheeses go well together, and the sharp taste of gorgonzola really gives the pizza depth.

The pizzas at Pizzateca are nothing short of amazing. If you’re down in McLaren Vale, make sure you check them out. Alternatively, they’ve got a stall at Tasting Australia Town Square till the end of the week.

WHERE: 319 Chalk Hill Rd, McLaren Vale


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