Cheeseburger Adelaide

The Al-Sweedy family are certainly making their presence felt along the west end of the city with the opening of Cheeseburger Adelaide tomorrow. The brains behind the new store, Husam Al-Sweedy, saw the need for a burger joint in the area but one that would cater for the masses. Cheeseburgers are enjoyed by many and they’re suprisingly simple, hence the idea of Cheeseburger Adelaide was born.

The store itself is just a few metres away from the two other Al-Sweedy businesses, Levant Eatery and Not Guilty Blends. The business has been cleverly decked out by Husam himself with a good colour combination of black and yellow. There are about 16 seats inside and more for the outdoor area.

With the aim of keeping it simple, there are 3 burgers on the menu; Traditional, Classic and Double. The traditional cheeseburger comes with a special cheeseburger sauce, the classic with ketchup and mustard, and the double with your choice of either sauce. The burger comes with cheese where you get 4 types to choose from; cheddar, danablue, scamorza and dutch. There is also the option to make it a meal with the addition of fries and/or a drink.

To start off with, we had the Classic Cheeseburger. The beef patty was juicy and succulent, and the cheese was nicely melted over the meat. The onion was chopped up into small pieces and its sweetness together with the ketchup balanced the spicy mustard. The ingredients were held in a freshly baked Breadtop brioche bun which is what most gourmet burger joints use.

Next was the Traditional Cheeseburger. It’s very similar to the last burger except it uses a different sauce and there is the addition of lettuce. This particular burger uses a house-made cheeseburger sauce which is deliciously savoury. The inclusion of lettuce also adds a nice crispy texture.

For those with a bit more of an appetite, we suggest you go for the Double Cheeseburger. It’s got a double patty and double cheese with your choice of sauce and cheese. It’s delicious and if you combine that with a fries and drink, you’ve really got yourself a meal.

Currently there are 3 burgers on the menu, but there are plans to introduce a vegetarian burger. At the time of writing, Cheeseburger Adelaide will be open from Monday to Friday, however, that is subject to change as time goes on. The grand opening of Cheeseburger Adelaide is tomorrow evening at 6:30pm. Make sure you check it out!

WHERE: 189-207 Hindley St, Adelaide


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