Windy Point Restaurant – Festival of Food 2017

For many decades now, the institution that is Windy Point Restaurant has been the location of choice when it comes to that special occasion. With breathtaking panoramic views of the city, amazing food and attentive service, it’s always been the “go to” place for marriage proposals. Experiencing a fine dining experience at Windy Point Restaurant doesn’t have to be limited to that celebratory event. With Festival of Food, you can take the scenic drive up Belair Road and dine in style at a more affordable price.

Festival of Food diners get the Entree Tasting Plate. At the top is the Cauliflower and Fennel Soup. A smooth creamy soup, thick in consistency with delicate flavours. In the middle is the Chicken and Sweet Corn Pie. The flaky pastry was cooked to a beautiful golden brown and filled with a tried and true combination. At the bottom is the Scallop with pea puree and mustard fruits. A single perfectly cooked scallop sits on a small bed of puree with its flavour accentuated by the small dollop of mustard fruit.

The Harissa Berkshire Pork was artistically presented with a separate row of tomato slices and pickled red cabbage yoghurt. The pork itself was generous in size and sat on top of naturally sweet, sweet potato puree. Hidden underneath the slab of meat was a colourful freekah and cashew tabouleh. It was light and refreshing, and you could see the middle eastern influences shining through.

Chicken was served two ways with the Barossa Farm Confit Chicken. The earthy notes of the mushroom work amazing well with the smooth, creamy celeriac puree and perfectly cooked lentils. An appropriate dish to have at home on a cold winter evening.

When the St Vincent Gulf Snapper Fillet arrives at your table, you’re amazed by the brightness of the lemon and pea puree. It’s a stark contrast to the black squid ink risotto. The snapper fillets are perfectly cooked; crispy skin on one side, and soft, delicate flesh on the other. The puree not only adds colour, but a tangy zest, which gives the dish plenty of depth.

Most places have perfected the art of the gnocchi and Windy Point Restaurant is no different. What was impressive was how middle eastern flavours were combined in their Desiree Potato Gnocchi. The firm pieces of Moroccan cauliflower was well balanced by the tangy pressed cucumber and sweet roasted carrot slices. Underneath all the ingredients was a smooth puree given sweetness by the muscatels.

A dish well enjoyed was the Spencer Gulf King Prawns. Three perfectly cooked prawns were staggered on top of a snapper and pecorino crepe. The crepe was soft and delicate as were pieces of fish inside. Undoubtedly, the star of the dish were the prawns; sweet, juicy and succulent.

Festival of Food diners will finish off with the Petit Fours. At the top are the Apple and Cinnamon Marshmallows. Bite size pieces of soft, gooey delights covered in generous amounts of cinnamon. The other sweet was the Orange Flummery; a delicate, zesty dessert pudding that sat inside a firm tart shell.

Festival of Food 2017 is available at Windy Point Restaurant from Monday to Thursday dinner for $49.50.

Look out for the Festival of Food pamphlet in your letterbox or simply download the app to take advantage of this and other offers.

WHERE: Windy Point Lookout, Belair Rd, Belair


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