Windy Point Cafe – Festival of Food 2017

For those that love great food, breathtaking views, but with a more casual setting, would really enjoy Windy Point Cafe. Having been to both the restaurant and the cafe, the two main differences are the decor and the price points. With its own kitchen and chef, the menu is different, but you still get the same high quality food and service. Like the restaurant above, customers can enjoy what Windy Point Cafe is all about through the Festival of Food.

Festival of Food diners get the Entree Tasting Plate. At the top was the Roasted Beetroot, Relish and Fetta. A small light and refreshing salad highlighted by the sweetness of the beetroot and the soft, crumbly fetta. In the middle was the Smoked Salmon, Speck and Pea Tart. Encased in a firm, crunchy tart was a filling with a similar texture to a quiche. At the bottom was the Chicken Drumette and Skordalia. The chicken had a very crunchy coating but worked amazingly well with the garlic and potato mash.

There’s nothing more imposing than the sight of a 12 Hour Slow Braised Beef Rib. The rib was tender and succulent, and the meat simply fell off the bone. The bright green spinach puree added good colour, while the three sauces added plenty of depth to the dish.

Australia is one of the only countries to dine on their national emblems. With Kangaroo Fillet tasting this good, why wouldn’t we? The slices of kangaroo fillet were perfectly cooked; charred on the outside and reddish-pink in the centre. The dish was heightened by the sweetness of the capsicum puree and the sourness of the yoghurt.

A favourite was the Barramundi Fillet. The fish was perfectly cooked; crispy skin on one side, soft and delicate flesh on the other. The white beans were firm and the rocket added a leafy texture. The highlight was the creamed corn. Together with the fish, it was like a match made in heaven.

A great intepretation of a pub favourite is the Sage Crumbed Pork Schnitzel. The sage crumb forms an appealing brown crust over the two schnitzel pieces. The potato salad was light and tangy, and the perfect accompaniment to the dish.

A dish was incredibly addictive was the Sweet Potato and Fetta Tart. The tart was flaky and cooked a nice, golden brown. The cauliflower pieces were soft and firm, while the roasted capsicum puree added depth to the dish.

Festival of Food diners will finish off with the Petit Fours. At the top left is the Cognac Mille Feuille. A lovely bite sized custard slice with a distinctly adult flavour. The other is a Peppermint Slice. A rich morsel of minty goodness that will freshen your breath.

Festival of Food 2017 is available at Windy Point Cafe from Tuesday to Thursday dinner for $31, and Friday dinner for $34.50.

Look out for the Festival of Food pamphlet in your letterbox or simply download the app to take advantage of this and other offers.

WHERE: Windy Point Lookout, Belair Rd, Belair


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