The Flying Fig Deli – Friday Night Service

Ever since The Flying Fig Deli opened its doors in mid-July last year, it’s quickly become an institution. The food is inspired by the great Jewish Delis of New York City with items pickled, cured, smoked and baked from locally sourced produce. Sandwiches are generously stuffed with corn and smoked meats with perfectly preserved dill pickles to match. And is there anything more Jewish in The Big Apple than a bagel?

Expanding on their growing success, The Flying Fig Deli have introduced a Friday night service. It was from the growing fan base of loyal customers that owner, Paul Serafin, came up with the idea. Friday night was the obvious choice because it’s the end of the week, and what better way to kick back and relax than with Jewish inspired food from New York.

The food on offer at the Friday night service is grilled sandwiches, burgers, local craft beers and sangria jugs. Loyal customers will already be familiar with their favourites dishes plus a few extra to make things more exciting. Add a side of fries, latke or a house dill pickle, and wash it all down with Gin and Shrubs. It has all the makings for a start to a great weekend.

Now if you were to come to The Flying Fig Deli for one thing, it has to be The Reuben; grilled corn beef, house made cabbage, kohlrabi and caraway sauerkraut, Swiss cheese and Russian dressing on dark rye. It’s the best in Adelaide. The corn beef was thick and juicy with lovely smokey flavours. The cabbage and sauerkraut added a lovely crunchy texture while generous amounts of melted Swiss cheese held all the ingredients together. It was the perfect combination of ingredients all working together in harmony.

Adelaide Food Central would like the staff at The Flying Fig Deli for their kind hospitality. The food is amazing and that’s why it has so many regulars coming back. The Friday night service starts today from 5:30pm and will be a weekly occurrence from now on. To avoid disappointment, make sure you book via Facebook or call 7226 1788.

WHERE: 161 Jeffcott St, North Adelaide


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