Protein Balls Adelaide

Today Adelaide Food Central was invited to sample some delicious treats at Protein Balls Adelaide. We sampled a wide range of vegan cakes, desserts and protein balls. All their products are handmade locally with fresh and natural ingredients. As society is starting to become more health conscious the idea of raw and vegan products are becoming very popular.

Heba, the mastermind behind Protein Balls Adelaide began making protein balls in her own home. She loves to keep healthy and she believed by making her own products was a fantastic way to do so. Her friends and family were so impressed with her protein balls that they urged her to continue to make her desserts. It all began when an owner of a gym was so excited with her creation that they encouraged her to make a business out of it. Her kitchen is now based at the Sunnybrae Function Centre where she crafts her delicious desserts. Protein Balls Adelaide have been operating for around 2 years now, and she supplies to around 30 stores in Adelaide. Heba puts so much love and passion into the creation of these desserts, which can be seen through her product presentation.

It is almost quite hard to believe that these products are the healthy alternative to a dessert. The sweetness and the creamy texture that come from her desserts make it taste like the real deal. Some of the products we sampled included the choc mint raw vegan slice, snickers raw vegan slice, peanut butter maca cups and a range of her delicious protein balls.

We are also very excited to announce that on the 16th of June she will be holding a Raw Vegan Dessert Night. More information regarding this event will be posted soon.

We would love to thank Heba for providing us with these delicious treats, and we highly recommend that you try her produce. Some of the cafes she supplies to include: Argo on the Parade, Bar 9 in the David Jones Food court, Café Kick, Stella and many more.  If you are interested in ordering some of her products contact Heba at

Words by Tomika Salerno


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