Brumby’s – Hot Cross Buns

Brumby’s Bakery South Australia this Easter is bringing a range of freshly baked Hot Cross Buns to satisfy the taste buds of the whole family.

Available from now until Easter is traditional and fruitless Hot Cross Buns, Nutella and for the chocolate lovers, double chocolate which will be sold as a single buns or six packs.

Brumby’s South Australia General Manager Mark Higginbottom said he is also really excited to reveal the bakery’s 5 new flavours which should satisfy the whole family, “We believe we now have an Easter bun for everyone!”

From now Brumby’s will be showcasing new flavours weekly which are: Chocolate Caramel, Jaffa, Date and Vanilla Chocolate, Berry White Chocolate, Date and Ginger Spice, and for the last two weeks leading in to Easter the most popular from the special new range will be brought back in!

“Our bakers have been training and perfecting their Hot Cross Buns since the early this year trialing and tasting new flavours and ensuring our product is perfect for the Easter season,” said Mark.

Brumby’s South Australia employs 21 bakers for its 23 stores across South Australia, and it is all hands on deck for one of the bakery’s busiest seasons.

“Easter is by far the biggest season for Brumby’s, we bake our Hot Cross Buns fresh daily using traditional scratch baking techniques, and from now until Easter our ovens will be baking to keep up with demand.

“We are anticipating that even people who wouldn’t traditionally eat Hot Cross Buns will be eager to try the new flavours on offer.”

For your nearest Brumby’s location or for more information about Brumby’s Hot Cross Buns visit

Brumby’s has 23 stores in metropolitan Adelaide, including 19 stores in OTR across South Australia open 24/7 which means you can get your Hot Cross Bun’s anytime!


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