Movenpick – Matcha Waffle Cone

The matcha trend is set to reign supreme throughout 2017. Swiss ice cream brand Mövenpick has announced the launch of a deliciously vibrant Matcha Waffle Cone hitting boutiques nationwide from 20th March.

Traditionally  used  in  Japanese  tea  ceremonies  and  more  recently  heralded  for  its  health  benefits,  the Matcha  Waffle  Cone has a delightful crunch at first bite, and is married beautifully with any of the 24 extraordinary Mövenpick ice cream flavours.

Mövenpick has collaborated with Vanilla Zulu’s Executive Chef and acclaimed Author,  Mel  Townsend,  on  the  new  creation.  Mel  is  excited  to  see  how Australians embrace the new waffle cone.

“Matcha is a lovely luminescent emerald colour. It lends its glorious hue to any dessert   it   has   a   pleasure   mixing   with,   and   is   also   completely   delicious, particularly with green tea fans.

“The  Matcha  Waffle  cone  is  subtle  in  taste  and  is especially scrumptious with Mövenpick’s  White  Chocolate,  Mango  Sorbet  and  Blackcurrant  &  Cream flavours,” said Mel.

The Matcha Waffle Cone will be available at Mövenpick’s 23 boutiques nationwide.

Mövenpick  uses  only  the  finest  natural  ingredients  including  wonderfully  rich  Swiss  cream,  sun ripened  fruit,  creamy yoghurt, as well as spices and flavours from every corner of the world.

WHERE: 6 Leigh St, Adelaide


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