With an official opening this Saturday the 18th of March, Boneshaker is Adelaide’s only spot for ‘Bikes, burgers, burritos & brews’ – the new and decked out eatery forms part of Pumpt, Australia’s first indoor BMX, Mountain Bike, Scooter and Skate Park.

The fit out boasts an open industrial feel, with good music, features of green, and all the furniture made from recycled materials. There’s a very organic but energetic buzz that flows through the space. In a day and age driven by technology, the centre brings together an awesome concept and influence in activeness, with the ability to physically learn and build on skill and technique. This comes alongside an easy to eat American street food influenced menu from Boneshaker, acting as the fuel to get you out there, or to replenish after an awesome session.

Co-owner of Boneshaker, Billy Petropoulos, proudly explained to us how important it was to be a part of something new and exciting, while still providing menu options low in sugar and salt, and all freshly prepared onsite with locally sourced produce. With Billy’s experience, alongside wife Elena and co-owner Jiyung, the menu has been well thought out to appeal to all ages and Pumpt-goers alike, and Adelaide Food Central were very lucky to get an exclusive tasting (read: feast). We were so overwhelmed with choice is took a minute or two to decide where to start.

The New York Super Dog took first try; with griddled sausage, coney mince sauce, jalapeños, mustard pickle relish, mayo, and cheese. It sure is super (and loaded), and with the combination of sausage and coney mince, it was messy and meaty, with a full, rich flavour. The mustard pickle relish was delicious even on its own, adding a sweet but acidic tang to cut through.

Next we had the Chick N Burger and the buttermilk crispy chicken tasted as good as it sounds, accompanied by lettuce, pickles, and another new fave, the buttermilk herbed mayo. It’s a simple combination, but the mayo has a strong herb flavour and a slight tang from the buttermilk, complimenting the other few elements while allowing the chicken to be the star – as it should be! Especially when the chicken goes through a dedicated three step process, giving it the awesome crispy skin and tender meat you’ll find in your burger.

We continued on with the Fish Tacos – and you have a choice of hard, soft, or even lettuce leaf for a very healthy alternative! We went for the soft tortilla, and it includes a cabbage slaw, Boneshaker’s secret sauce and a little fresh lime for squeezing over. The tortilla was soft and so was the fish, complimenting  how fresh and beautifully battered it was, and combined with the crunch of the slaw and that tart squeeze of lime on top made for a really pleasant and easy eat.

Keeping up with the fish theme, we had the Fish Po Boy; a bread bun filled with a generous piece of the same battered local fish, accompanied by lettuce, tomato, herbed-spiced mayo, and pickles. Boneshaker’s pickles are a new favourite! The cucumbers are lightly pickled in rice wine vinegar, so their flavour is super light and fresh while still holding a little crunch.

After pausing and taking a sip of our Strawberry and Salted Caramel Boneshakes, we geared up to try the next dish; the Popcorn Chicken Basket –  as an avid lover of chicken, especially the crispy kind, I was looking very forward to these. The coating is done well, crispy and well seasoned, and the gochujang based Hot BBQ Sauce for dipping only lifted it further! For me it was reminiscent to a mild buffalo wing, minus the bones, how can you go wrong? You can also get these served with Smoked Chicken Salt.

Then we tackled the Double Boneburger, consisting of two grass-fed patties, lettuce, tomato, onion, those awesome pickles, cheese, another appearance of Boneshaker’s secret sauce, and served with sweet potato fries. The patties were so well seasoned, juicy with a great grilled flavour – and my favourite part of a burger is those layers of melted cheese between the patties, and this one did not disappoint.

Finally for the savoury, we attempted to fit in the Chicken Burrito Salad… and were glad we did. Tossed with a sweet vinaigrette, the grilled chicken was well spiced and tender, mixed with rice, black beans, tomato salsa, corn, cheese, avocado, and the perfect corn chips for dipping. The contrasts of textures throughout are awesome, and there’s a hint of coriander leaving a pleasant aftertaste. It’s a burrito without the tortilla, and a really delicious, arguably healthier option depending on your tastes. It’s good and wholesome eating between a scoot or skate.

Then we only had the chance for a small break and a few deep breaths before we were presented with The Boneshaker – thoughtfully titled as the potential signature dish, we’re talking about a fluffy ricotta hotcake stack, with honeycombed butter and maple syrup, and your choice of caramelised banana or roasted strawberries. These were some of the best pancakes I have ever tried, and the entire time I’m wondering how they do it, because the ones I make at home never ever do the same thing or even close to it. But we’ll leave it to these guys, because it’s clear that this recipe has been perfected, after being featured in many and most of the restaurants Billy has played part in all around the world – and understandably so. The honeycombed butter was so fascinating, and with the right amount on top of a bite of fluffy pancake, there were chewy bits of honeycomb combined and it was just, absolutely delicious. We didn’t think we could fit in anything more, but for these pancakes you make an exception.

The message here is really creative, positive and hopefully influential on a lot of young people and adults alike – good food and good times while  enjoying a great energy and/or keeping active and learning new tricks! The Boneshaker vibe is cool, the staff are cool, even the merchandise is cool (available soon!) and we’re really excited for the team and to see their success bloom and spread nationally.

And if you’re looking for something different for your next event, birthday, corporate, you name it, then Boneshaker can provide food and drinks for any Pumpt party, from the little tykes to the adult rollers. Yes, there is even a big yellow school bus amongst the action of the half pipes and track, refurbished and fit out to comfortably seat 36 people for your next event – it’s all about the wheels.

Words by Marie Fiorita

WHERE: 221 Marion Rd, Marleston

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