Adelaide Fringe 2017 – Gnomes vs Mermaids

Gnomes vs. Mermaids deserves the 18+ disclaimer it comes with. If you’re easily offended, this probably isn’t your kind of show. Two words come to mind when reflecting on this show: ridiculously inappropriate. This story takes us on an adventure with gnomes Twig, Pipe, Mushroom, Stovetop and Button on a quest to fix Twig’s ‘hole’ and basically regain her libido after getting ‘the crack’ in the shows prequel, Gnomes vs. Aliens. The gang head to the high seas where they come across the bloodthirstily vain mermaids whose aim in life is to lure sailors to their deaths. As the name suggests, conflict arises between these rivalling parties.

This show makes you walk out thinking, what the hell did I just watch? With sub plots including Mushroom’s goal to sleep with something, anything, from the ocean to the randy and crude nature of the whole show with a lot, a lot, of profanity, it had us cringing and laughing from start to finish.

While this was an entertaining show, it was made apparent that the team at Such Cliché may have needed a little more practice before taking to the stage. However, their ability to forget their lines and song lyrics on numerous occasions added to the humorous nature of the show. The band should be applauded for performing smoothly all night, even if the vocalists didn’t sing on cue. Button, played by Natasha Payne was the stand out vocalist while Max Ford as Mushroom’s performance was noteworthy, along with his ability to (almost) pull off a distractingly tight pair of lederhosen. A notable mention must also go to Scott Ritchie for his portrayal of an effeminate, yet strongly bearded mermaid.

While the crude nature of the show dominates viewer’s attentions, there is actually a meaningful message within this show surrounding sexuality. It includes themes such as being pan sexual, homosexual and monogamy vs. polyamory. The show encourages the theme of inclusion and understanding and welcomes anyone to ‘be the gnome they want to be’.

The German Club was an appropriate venue to be able to kick back and enjoy some amateur theatre, while sipping on a great big pint of beer. Because as Mushroom told us at the beginning, the show will be a whole lot funnier when you’re pissed!

Adelaide Food Central would like to thank Eventalaide for the invitation to watch this show.

Words and Images by Indiah Salerno


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