Heineken Saturday at Royal Croquet Club

Amongst the hustle and bustle on a balmy summers evening, crowds of people of all ages filed into the Royal Croquet Club at Pinky Flats ready for an evening of food, drink, comedy and music. Nestled within the venue was a gathering of some of Adelaide’s movers and shakers of the arts, culture and media scene all ready to enjoy the same but with a little extra class.


The exclusive Heineken VIP Bar was lined with white picket fencing and high chairs at the gate leading in. Inside it was decorated with shades of Heineken green and silver and walls of lush green leaves, the ideal spot for a cool drink in the warm sun as it set on the second Saturday of the Fringe Festival.


The Heineken was flowing along with the odd glass of cider or wine and laughter could be heard in all directions as bouncers on stilts swung by to greet those inside and check that all was under control. As the sun started to set a wonderful spread of food started to make its way in and before it could make it too far all of it had been gathered and consumed by the happy and hungry guests.



First out was a simple but scrumptious plate of lightly salted chips, perfectly cooked inside and out that made you think of summer days on the beach as you enjoyed every bite.

We all know summer days wouldn’t he the same without some potato salad. A delicious potato salad with fluffy potatoes, egg scattered through and the added flavour of a spicy chorizo sausage to mix with the fresh taste of the mayonnaise complemented both the weather and the drinks and made the perfect team that all enjoyed.

Not far behind was giant circular plate of margarita pizza slices with the most amazingly light and fluffy bases, the traditional Italian kind that you’d imagine had been passed down by generations.


Last out was a choice of sliders. One with a deliciously smoky BBQ beef brisket, cheese and rocket or one with chicken schnitzel and coleslaw. Both sandwiched between a brioche bun that was sweet and neither too soft or too hard.


As the drinks and food were devoured the lucky guests were delighted to be treated to some uniquely fun and lively performances by everyone from a Swedish punk trio who weren’t against raising the noise and getting the crowd moving to a company of talented acrobats who bent and contorted in all the directions the body maybe shouldn’t and left you with your jaw on the floor.


As the sun started to disappear the mood was not dulled, in fact the music was louder, the dance moves were looser and everyone knew the night was going to be one they would most likely be taking most of Sunday to recover from.

We at Adelaide Food Central are so grateful towards the good people at Heineken for their hospitality, the food vendors for feeding us, and of course, Red Agency for inviting us to such a special and exclusive event. We had a ball, our stomachs are full and we will remember this night, Super Saturday is certainly a deserved name.

Words and Images by James McArthur


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