Nishiki Cafe & Izakaya

From one of the original co-owners of En Japanese Bar and Restaurant comes Nishiki Cafe & Izakaya, a brand new cafe right in the heart of the city. Owner, Yass Tanase, wanted to branch out on his own and spent months setting up the Sturt Street cafe. The venue is quaint, holds 55 people, and comes with its own beer garden at the rear. During the day, there is a breakfast and lunch menu which consists of bread rolls, salads, lunch plates and bento boxes. The meals are more westernised, quick and simple, and aimed at the corporate worker who doesn’t have too much time on their hands. In the evening, it becomes more traditional with an extensive tapas and sushi menu.

We started with the Karaage Bread Roll. Crispy morsels of juicy Karaage chicken were wedged into a light and spongy bread roll. The tomato and lettuce were fresh and crisp with all the ingredients brought together by the thick and creamy kewpie (Japanese mayonnaise).


Next was the Teriyaki Chicken Salad. Tasty slices of tender teriyaki chicken sat on top of a bed of crisp vegetables. The star of the show was the wasabi based dressing which took the salad to the next level.


The final dish was the Japanese Curry with Chicken Katsu topping. Crispy slices of fried chicken sat on top of a pool of delicious Japanese curry sauce. Cubes of soft and delicate potato were well infused with the mild curry flavours. The freshly cooked steamed rice soaked up the curry sauce like a sponge, while the fresh vegetables on the side added contrast in texture to the dish.


We quite enjoyed the daytime offerings at Nishiki. The food is slightly westernised during the day but it still has its Japanese influences. Yass and his team will welcome you in and make you feel right at home. The atmosphere is casual and relaxed, and the average daytime price for a meal is around the $12 mark. For Japanese food that is made with passion, make sure you check this place out! We certainly look forward to finding out what the dinner menu is like.

Nishiki is open Sunday and Monday from 8am-3pm, and from Tuesday to Saturday from 8am till late.

WHERE: 21 Sturt St, Adelaide


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