Movenpick – Ice Cream Sandwich

With the Adelaide heat (and humidity) in full swing, Swiss ice cream brand Mövenpick couldn’t have picked a better month to launch their latest ice cream creation; the gloriously photogenic and beautifully balanced Ice Cream Sandwich.

I really didn’t think I could enjoy ice cream any more than I already do! With your own flavour choice of buttery, delectable Mövenpick ice cream, sandwiched between two perfectly baked chocolate cookies, what’s not to love?


Mövenpick teamed up with with Vanilla Zulu’s Executive Chef and published Author, Mel Townsend, to reinvent the classic favourite that’s on current global trend, and make it something extraordinary. “The cookies can’t be too thick, or too dry, but they do need to be a bit crispy. It’s all about what I call ‘bite-through-ability’ – you have to be able to get all the way through the cookie to the ice cream centre,” said Mel.

With that, it’s evident there’s been an applied passion, attention to detail, and well thought out balance when it comes to this wonderful dessert, and as Mövenpick Country Business Manager, Dennis Koorey, gushed over the Ice Cream Sandwich as a chidlhood favourite, it’s clear it’s been a result of good old fashioned teamwork. “There’s something very nostalgic about them. They’re a very humble dessert – just good quality ice cream and good cookies.”

Speaking of quality… I can’t (ice)scream enough over the incredible texture and flavours, and how perfect these specially created cookies compliment it. It’s easy to understand the confidence in the Mövenpick Ice Cream Sandwich, and how it is set to continue the global domination of the Ice Cream sandwich as the must have dessert of choice for ice cream lovers in 2017


…And just in case you weren’t already sold or salivating, Mövenpick uses only the finest natural ingredients, including wonderfully rich Swiss cream, sun-ripened fruit, creamy yoghurt, as well as spices and flavours from every corner of the world.

Mövenpick’s Ice Cream Sandwich can be purchased at $8.95 (dine in or take-away) or a stack of four is available to dine in with friends at $29.95. You can find them and their amazing selection at 2-6 Leigh Street, Adelaide.

Words by Marie Fiorita

WHERE: 6 Leigh St, Adelaide


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