Tuesday evening saw the launch of Adelaide’s new creative office space, Super8. As another Renew Adelaide project, Super8 is like the Avengers for creative professionals. As a group, eight independent communications professionals have come together to create a symbiotic environment where they share resources, ideas and energy.


After only two weeks in action, this unique team have already collaborated on multiple projects, and the grand opening on Tuesday night was buzzing with excitement and possibility.


Based in Pirie Street, Super8 boasts a great range of skills in a central location. The team, consisting of James Boorman, David Burden, Julian Cebo, Jason Hollamby, Jane Keen, Matthew Stuckey, Nicola Tate and Sam Wark, seem to cover everything from photography to copywriting, and anything in between. This office setup is unique because although they are working in a collaborative environment, each person is still able to work and grow on an individual level. As Renew Adelaide CEO, Tim Boundy said, “Super8 is a fantastic example of how businesses are evolving and what they want from a property. We are seeing an increase in complementary businesses wanting to work together, like Super8, which shows new work trends are emerging in Adelaide.”


The team is extremely excited to collaborate on a wide range of projects in a way that would not have been possible individually. As spokesperson, Matt Stuckey said, “With a carefully curated mix of skills in one location, members have an inspiring place to work and grow individually; and the flexibility to collaborate in various configurations as best needed to suit specific projects.”

“We all appreciate the great work Renew Adelaide does and looking forward to using our professional capabilities to further improve the perception of Adelaide as a city which values and supports creativity and innovation, with world class results.”

Words and Photos by Olivia Henry

WHERE: Level 1, 50 Pirie St, Adelaide


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