Krispy Kreme & Robern Menz – Limited Edition Donuts

Two much loved and iconic brands Krispy Kreme South Australia and Robern Menz have come together creating a delicious range of limited edition “South Aussie Favourite doughnuts” which are available at Krispy Kreme stores across Adelaide, from now until the 7 February.

This delicious collaboration is a very sweet start to the year, the range of four Krispy Kreme doughnuts feature Menz favourites, RaspberryChocs, Choccy Snakes, Caramel Honeycomb and Menz’s iconic, FruChocs.

Krispy Kreme General Manager Mark Higginbottom said, “It is really exciting for two South Australian companies to partner together and offer their loyal following of customers something new and exciting.”

Phil Sims, Robern Menz CEO, said, “We are always looking to offer customers different ways to enjoy our Menz range, and are excited to be working with Krispy Kreme to create some truly unique, locally made treats.”

Krispy Kreme Production Manager Brian Pescud worked closely with the Menz team over three weeks to come up with the final four doughnuts, “Our aim was to develop doughnuts that truly represented the Menz range of flavours, we started with eight different doughnuts which went through an extensive tasting process to come up with the final four doughnuts,” concluded Brian.

The four “South Aussie Favourites” Krispy Kreme doughnuts are: Choc Snake, Raspberry Choc with a Raspberry Kreme, Caramel Honeycomb with a Honeycomb Kreme and FruChocs with a FruChoc Kreme.

People can get their limited edition “South Aussie Favourite” Krispy Kreme doughnuts at any of the six locations around Adelaide:

  • 76 Gouger Street , Adelaide
  • 1/28 Grenfell Street, Adelaide
  • Westfield Marion Shopping Centre
  • OTR North Terrace, Adelaide

and “Hot Light” factory stores, open 24/7:

  • 563 Port Road, West Croydon
  • 853 Port Wakefield Road, Bolivar

You can also get your Krispy Kreme doughnuts delivered to your home or office by #DLVRD. Order at: If you order 3 dozen or more delivery is FREE!


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