Fridays After Five Aldinga

Nestled behind a couple of local businesses on Old Coach Road, Aldinga you will find the Aldinga local market celebrating “Friday’s After Five”. A buzzing night market featuring stalls selling clothing, trinkets, cushions among other items and of course food and drink.


Down the Rabbit Hole wines take care of your drinking needs with their wines by the glass or bottle, beers and their summer inspired cocktail of apricot brandy, sloe gin, blueberries and their rose. Stirred with a sprig of rosemary the unique flavours complement the eclectic, vintage vibe of the market courtyard.


Bring your appetite because the food on offer is scrumptious. Located at the entrance of the market Aldinga favourite, the Home Grain Bakery showcase their pastries, sweets and coffee that use only best, freshest ingredients and are clearly made with love. On the other side of the entrance Maxwell’s Grocery offers drinks, coffee and a selection of savouries. We couldn’t go past the Beef Burger. A saucy, flavour filled burger with loads of caramalised onion, salad, a rustic beef patty and lashings of a mayonnaise/ketchup combo sauce that seems to have taken inspiration from the Hungry Jacks Whopper.


If that’s not enough a wide range of food trucks are set up to give you alternatives from all over the globe. Soza’s Sri Lankan Street Food serves up Deconstructed Wraps, either vegetarian or chicken, Devilled Chicken, Sri Lankan style Salt and Pepper Squid and Fish Cutlets.

Greek souvlaki van Orexi offers lamb, chicken or falafel souvlaki, AB packs and hot chips. For those after a lighter option how about a dozen freshly shucked Smokey Bay Oysters or a Calamari and Mango Thai Salad from the Little Pearl truck.

El Choto Paella Catering prepare huge paella pans of Spanish rice with either chicken and pork, seafood or a vegetarian option.

Gourmet food truck Mullygrub provided our dinner for the evening. On the menu for was a Coconut Crusted Asian inspired Chicken Burger with an Asian slaw and Sesame & Peanut dressing. A delightfully fresh burger reminiscent of a Vietnamese salad in a bun with just enough sweetness and tang from the sauce.


Pan fried ricotta gnocchi, topped with a sensational zingy, fresh basil and roquette pesto and grilled slices of haloumi.
14 hour smoked lamb served with intensely coloured Beetroot Labneh and a fresh and crispy Orange and Cucumber Salad. The ethereal lamb came in a generous portion of both meat and crispy skin and each morsel was juicy and rich.

It’s hard to believe how such amazing food can come from a food truck. This is restaurant quality food, and a damn good restaurant at that. I’m convinced there is a whole commercial kitchen joined to that van hidden under a magical invisibility cloak.


There is no better place to be on a Friday night. This is a must do event – act quick as the markets are on every week but only until the end of summer.

Words by Kate Wilkinson

WHERE: 11A Old Coach Rd, Aldinga



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