Asian Gourmet

Consumers are spoilt for choice when it comes to Asian food in Chinatown. With so many Asian cafes and restaurants down the Gouger Street cafe precinct, as well as a number of international food courts, it can be a hard decision deciding what to have. One such business that has been around for a while is Asian Gourmet which is located on the western side of the Adelaide Central Markets, at one of the entrances into Chinatown. The menu is a standard size with rice and noodle dishes, curries, vegetarian dishes and dishes separated by protein.

We started off with the Vegetarian Spring Rolls. The spring rolls were fried to a golden brown and the double layer of spring roll pastry ensured they were nice and crunchy. The vegetable filling was soft and delicate, and the dish itself was fairly standard. While the spring rolls did come to our table freshly cooked and piping hot, we did think the oil could have been drained a bit more.


Next was one of their signature dishes, the Singapore Laksa. The presentation was good, however, the bowls they were served in were smaller than expected. The noodles were well cooked and their ratio to the toppings was almost one to one. The soup was well seasoned with a nice little kick to each spoonful. What I particularly liked was how the bean curd soaked up the delicious juices. An enjoyable serving size that will leave you content.


Asian Gourmet is immensely popular with shoppers in the Adelaide Central Market, and you’ll be lucky to get a seat during the lunch hour rush. Service is fairly fast and efficient, and the atmosphere was vibrant, as you’re amongst the hustle and bustle of the Adelaide Central Market crowd. A bowl of Singapore Laksa will set you back $11 which is fairly reasonable.

Asian Gourmet is ideal for a quick meal while you’re at the Adelaide Central Markets or Chinatown. Many people don’t actually know where it is, but we can safely say it’s a hidden gem. All their regular customers can’t be wrong.

WHERE: Stall WR6, Adelaide Central Markets, Grote St, Adelaide

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