City of Holdfast Bay – Familiarisation Day

There was a time when people in the world didn’t even know where Adelaide was, but in recent times, the city has started to get noticed. Adelaide has featured in lists of the world’s most liveable cities, the most affordable housing, and even the most notable tourism destination, only to name a few. We’re the wine capital of Australia and we have access to the best produce in the world.

When it comes leading council areas in Adelaide, Holdfast Bay is up there with the best. It has been recognised as the most sustainable city, has the highest number of tourist visits, and the property values are the fastest growing in the state. What makes Holdfast Bay particularly desirable is its 11 kilometre stretch of beach within the desirable suburbs of Glenelg, Brighton, Somerton Park, Seacliff and Kingston Park. Adelaide Food Central, along with other invited guests, were treated to a day of familiarisation at Holdfast Bay.

We started the day off with breakfast and beverages from Bracegirdles House of Fine Chocolate, and Remy & Violette. Bracegirdles opened their first store in Glenelg back in 2005 and have been making waves with their fine Belgian chocolate and fresh coffee. Remy & Violette, are a recent addition to the Glenelg area having originally opened on Hutt Street in the city. With easy access to hot chocolate, coffee, cupcakes and quiches from the Bracegirdles mobile truck, the group were ready for a day of adventure.


We then embarked on a boat cruise to see the wonders of the Holdfast Bay coastline. A smaller amphibious boat picked us up in groups of eight from the seashore and transported us to a much larger boat. The main vessel that cruised down the coast had all the mod cons, and you would expect so with a price tag of 3 million dollars. We did manage to get a glimpse of dolphins and the coastline was certainly beautiful, however, the seas were choppier than usual. If you don’t have sea legs it’s recommended you take some sea sick tablets prior to boarding. Alternatively, hold on to something, get plenty of fresh air and focus on the horizon!


Like many parts of Australia, lands were inhabited by indigenous people prior to European settlement. For Holdfast Bay, it was the Kaurna people who lived in this region for tens of thousands of years. As traditional owners and custodians of the land, they have developed a spiritual relationship with where they have lived during that time. It is important for us as a society to respect the heritage and beliefs that remain important to the Kaurna people today. When we arrived at Kingston Park, we were greeted by the site custodian and witnessed an aboriginal smoking ceremony.


Lunch was catered for by celebrity chef, Bree May, along a beautifully set dining table facing the beach. Entree was a Summer Seafood Jambalaya with spicy local market fish ceviche, house smoked coffin bay oyster, a creole okra and tomato salad with a wild rice cracker. The fish was soft and delicate, and the oyster had lovely smokey flavours. The tomato salad was like a gazpacho with the rice cracker adding a nice crunchy texture. Mains were the South Australian Crab Boil with blue swimmer crab, jumbo South Australian prawns, Kinkawooka mussels, corn, baby chats, bush tomato and lemon myrtle butter. Cooked inside a baking bag, we were treated to flavours of the ocean. The seafood was juicy and succulent, and the corn had a lovely natural sweetness. The bush tomato and lemon myrtle butter removed a lot of the fishiness from the dish, which is a good thing for most people. Dessert was two flavours of Gelista Gelato with freshly made waffle cone. It was a great lunch and we were pretty much satisfied until evening.

Glenelg was first settled back in 1836, but by the mid-1880’s, Glenelg’s esplanade was home to the summer residences of the prominent and wealthy of South Australia. Beginning at the south west corner of Moseley Square, history buffs can do a 45 minute walking tour of Glenelg’s historic residences. We stood outside the Stormont which was built for South Australian grazier Simon Barnard. During a poker game against William Pile, a pastoralist and owner of Albert Hall two houses down, Barnard lost the game and the house. With so much history in the area, it’s hard not to be interested! Some of these historical residences are open to the public for viewing throughout the year, so make sure you check the council website for details.


After fours years without a cinema in Glenelg, going to the movies has become trendy again, hence the need for the GU Film House. If Norwood is anything to go by, a new cinema complex attracts more business to an area. Times have certainly changed since we last went to the movies with the GU Film House offering a delicious bar and cafe menu. Customers can either dine outside the movie theatre or bring the food inside! With all the mod cons of a brand new movie complex, it’s sure to draw crowds both young and old. We were there to see the private screening of the new Holdfast Bay destination campaign “I Want to Stay”. Created by a cast of local talent,  you’ll certainly want to come to Holdfast Bay after watching these commercials. Make sure you tune into channel nine digital to see what it’s all about.

Adelaide Food Central would like to thank the staff at Holdfast Bay, as well as all the local businesses involved for today’s fun-filled activities. One of the advantages of living in Adelaide is its close proximity to everything, and the suburbs within Holdfast Bay are no different. At around 20 minutes from the city and 5 minutes to the airport, this part of the city is the perfect place to relax and explore Adelaide’s best suburbs. With beautiful wide beaches, stunning sunsets, rich heritage, charming hotels, bustling shops, sidewalk cafes and loads of entertainment, it’s no wonder Holdfast Bay has some of the most sought after suburbs in Adelaide. Quite simply, there are so many reasons why you’d want to live, work and visit this part of town.



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