Four Seeds

Like most businesses sometimes it’s better to start off small to see whether the idea or concept is successful or not. This holds true for Four Seeds which started back in March 2011 as a side business for owner and passionate baker, Mim Gollan. Four Seeds specialises in gluten free brownies (some of which are also vegan friendly) as well as custom made cakes. It was through the constant supply of brownies to reputable cafes, and the steady private orders of cakes, that Mim was able to live the dream and pursue her passion full time.

Adelaide Food Central is no stranger to the deliciousness of Four Seeds brownies and we were delighted to find them at the Producers in Residence stall at the Adelaide Central Market. In the interest of our health, we thought it was best to sample only a few of what was on offer. The topic of what makes a good brownie is a subjective one, but we think Mim has the recipe down pat. Their brownies are firm on the outside, and nice and chewy in the centre. All the products are made using local ingredients, and more importantly, with plenty of love.

We all know that peanut butter and chocolate go hand in hand, and the Peanut Butter Brownie was going to be delicious even before we sunk our teeth into it. The brownie was rich and decadent with the peanuts adding a lovely crunchy texture.


Next was the Cherry Ripper Brownie. Anybody that is a fan of Cherry Ripe would absolutely love this one, and once again, the combination of cherry, coconut and chocolate is a tried and true combination. The sweetness from the brownie is complimented by the cherries, all brought together by the fibrous texture of the coconut.


Their best seller is the Salted Caramel Brownie. Expecting something sweet from the first bite, you’re thrown back by the salty taste. Blobs of caramel infused into the brownie add a burst of sweetness. Salted caramel is a flavour that is trending at the moment, and in this form, it is well executed.


If you want something a bit different, Ice Cream Sandwiches are the way to go. Golden North vanilla ice cream is wedged between Four Seeds signature brownies. It’s totally perfect for the warmer weather in the coming months.


As mentioned earlier, Four Seeds have a temporary stall at the Producers in Residence section in the Adelaide Central Markets. They’ll be there Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday over the next two weeks. Go check them out!


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