Bing’s Chinese Restaurant – New Summer Menu

Bing’s Restaurant is one of the many restaurants nestled in the Chinatown precinct of the Adelaide CBD serving up Chinese cuisine that hovers around Northern and South Western Chinese cuisines and everything in between including westernised Chinese style dishes many would be familiar with. You may have walked past Bing’s a number of times but you may have not eaten here yet but it’s definitely worth an visit. The owners have extensively renovated the restaurant and gave it a much needed refresh which I really like. I also must add how clean and cosy this restaurant is which is not always the case at a majority of restaurants in the precinct that serves similar food.

The Adelaide Food Central team were kindly invited by the owners of Bing’s Chinese Restaurant to have lunch and sample their new summer menu. We selected mainly the ‘classics’ you would find at similar restaurants including Mongolian Sizzling Beef, Bing’s Special Fried Rice, Salt and Pepper Bean Curd, Sweet and Sour Deep Fried Prawns and Chicken Wings. As well as a few of the ‘lesser’ known classics such as Sichuan Spicy Cold Noodles.


What I really liked about Bing’s is the quality of the food. There’s lots of flavour in each of the dishes and the Salt and Pepper Bean Curd in particular is tasty and nice and lightly seasoned. But it’s well balanced which is nice because many other restaurants’ take on this classic isn’t as well balanced and usually come out oily and too salty on the palate. In saying that it’s great how clean all the dishes taste on the palate and it’s not laden with salt and oil which we also like.


The special fried rice was very simple and delicious yet very light. That goes the same with the Mongolian Sizzling Beef with its tender slices of meat and the right amount hoisin, black pepper and chilli sauce.


We also liked the Spicy Cold Noodles which was an interesting dish. It’s light and refreshing and the only dressing for the noodles is the Sichuan based spicy sauce. You need to physically mix up the dish before you eat it. However, I am not a fan of the green pickles they put in the dish and I think it would do better without it. But it’s a great summer dish considering how light it is and it would definitely be a healthy alternative to say stir fried noodles.


Bing’s Chinese restaurant is everything you would want in a Chinatown fast food eatery. First and foremost it’s very affordable, it tastes delicious, the portions are very generous, and lastly it’s point of difference is how surprisingly fresh and light the dishes. Give Bing’s a go next time you are in for a tasty and affordable day (or night, they’re open from 10am til 10pm) out to eat. Best to come in a group of three or more so you can share the dishes!

Words by Linh Nguyen

WHERE: 6/85 Grote St, Adelaide

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