Mr Nick’s Kitchen & Coffee Bar

Located in the World’s Best Supermarket in Frewville, Mr. Nicks Kitchen & Coffee Bar is a beautiful little café that has been set up amongst different local businesses and takes pride in using locally sourced produce in the dishes and drinks that they serve.

We visited Mr. Nick’s again to see how the business was flourishing (and flourishing well, it was!), and ended up being treated to a feast there. However, the highlight of our visit was, hands down, meeting the man behind the name – and what an honour it was to meet him and get a first look at how far Mr. Nick’s has come, in terms of its quality.

The design of Nick’s has been transformed to replicate a space that is celebrating the upcoming holidays of Christmas, with wreaths, stars, pine cones, beautifully wrapped presents, little details with the table ornaments and wooden Rudolph reindeer props. There is a long table within the seating area that is perfect for a nice family lunch (hint hint). The seating area is located outside the supermarket, where you can feel comfortable, homey, and have a sense of privacy, while still being connected to the supermarket.

Mr. Nicks also caters to several different dietary requirements, such as dairy-free, gluten free, vegetarian, and organic. While the menu at Mr. Nick’s might be small, it is more than sufficient to give you a range of healthy and delicious options of breakfast and lunch.


As part of the breakfast menu, we had the Mr. Nicks Muesli Bowl with quinoa, muesli, granola, coconut yoghurt and seasonal fruit ($11). The richness in color and flavour makes this a wholesome and hearty dish. The fruits are fresh, the flowers are edible – all in all, a very nutritious meal!


The French Toast with double cream, berry compote, and cinnamon ($12) was another eye-pleaser that also delivered in taste. I loved how the cinnamon was embedded in the layers of the French toast, which was made to be more of a bread and butter pudding. The level of sweetness was subtle and rich in its own true balancing fashion. The ice cream and double cream were great as sides and mixed well with the fluffy texture of the toast.

We also had the Deli Salad with char grilled free range chicken, crispy pancetta, avocado drizzled with sticky balsamic and extra virgin ($16). Screams of healthiness, but also has these strong flavours that complement each other well. The chicken was well cooked, the pancetta was so thin and flaky that it practically melted in my mouth, but not before giving that crunchy bite at the beginning. The avocado was well ripened and definitely made it worth not being able to buy a house for a couple more months, and the balsamic vinegar gave this savoury dish a pop of sweetness, being drizzled generously over the salad.

The Crab Pappardelle with chilli crab pappardelle, roasted tomato, and basil ($22) was another exotic dish that had well-cooked pasta and a super soft and juicy meat of crab seasoned over the pasta. The roasted tomato and basil were fresh and further added to the flavour of this wholesome dish.

The Chicken Risotto with baby spinach and mushroom ($16) was a simple dish that was cooked well. The chicken and the spinach were infused within the risotto and had the right level of seasoning. The mushroom on top was cooked to have just the right level of crispy and tender.

We also had the traditional Greek vegetarian Gemista – stuffed capsicum with rice and seasonal salad ($17). This dish reminded me of home as my mum used to make stuffed capsicum all the time. And it was a dish that I thoroughly enjoyed – the capsicum was baked to carry the ingredients within nicely. The flavours from the rice in the capsicum were simply delicious and had a filling appeal to it. The freshness and crispiness of the vegetables on the side complemented the oils and textures from the capsicum nicely.

For drinks, we were served the watermelon crush with mint, passion fruit, mango, watermelon, ice. Perfect for summer, refreshing beyond belief, and just an all-rounder of a drink to have on a hot day in summer!

As always, the staff members were hospitable and accommodating, making us feel at home and having a chat to us about the food and the people who work behind the scenes. It’s the little things like this (along with their tasty meals and drinks) that make us want to support local businesses such as Mr. Nick’s.

Mr. Nick’s Kitchen & Coffee Bar is open Monday – Saturday 7am – 4pm, Sunday 11am – 4pm.

Words by Fatema Sitabkhan

WHERE: 177 Glen Osmond Rd, Frewville



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