Sunny’s Shop – Evening Menu

Believe it or not, we were at Sunny’s Shop only two days ago to check out their lunch menu. When we last spoke to the owner, Aaron Ratanatray, he told us that there was a need for something more substantial in the evenings. The new evening menu was going to be released today, which consists of a selection of small plates, larger plates and salads. We were invited back to sample the evening menu and we had no hesitation in doing so.

The Crispy Chicken Wings were the best Asian style chicken wings we’ve ever had. The skin was nice and crispy, with saltiness coming from the soy sauce. The meat was juicy and succulent, and the sprinkle of garlic and chilli rounds off the dish well.


The Larb Gai is a minced chicken salad with a dried chilli, lime dressing and roasted rice powder. Mint, basil and coriander make up the Asian herbs that create a light and refreshing dish. The lime dressing adds a lot of zest with the occasional kick from the chilli. The roasted rice powder is unique and adds a crunchy texture to the salad.


The Traditional Thai Papaya Salad was exactly what we expected and was executed to perfection. The generous amounts of shredded papaya added a nice crunchy texture and was complemented by the green beans and peanuts. The cherry tomatoes were naturally sweet, while the long red chilli had its seeds removed and were no longer potent. The combination of sugar, fish sauce, lime juice and sesame oil made up the dressing, and it did its job in bringing all the elements together.


The Crispy Noodles with chicken, Chinese kale and yellow bean gravy is a rustic dish that we’d have at home. The morsels of chicken were tender and succulent. These were fried with kale in a thick yellow bean sauce. The chicken and vegetables were sitting on top of a bed of crispy noodles that were softened by the sauce.


Last but not least were the Slow Braised Beef Cheeks with 5 spice and sweet soy. The beef cheeks were tender and succulent with the meat easily falling apart. The flavours from the spices were well infused, giving the meat a subtle sweetness.


Whether it be lunch or dinner, Sunny’s Shop has you covered with a delicious range of Asian street food. Small plates are around $8, larger plates $17 and salads $15. All very reasonable considering the quality and portion size. If you’re in the Prospect area, make sure you check out the new kid on the block.

WHERE: 106B Prospect Rd, Prospect

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