CK + Plot Works

Renew Adelaide has established itself as a revolution in Adelaide, especially in the past couple of months. Working primarily as a not-for-profit organization, Renew Adelaide strives to provide new and upcoming local businesses a rent-free, vacant space either in the Adelaide CBD or in Port Adelaide.

The newest member to join the Renew Adelaide family of start-up businesses is the collaboration between Plot Works’s Evelyne Abrahams and CK’s Claire Kneebone.

The design studio has a minimalistic look, with overhanging potted plants, simple wooden-finish panels that act as the doors and the ‘walls’ to contrast beautifully with the whitewashed walls and the soft lighting behind the panels. There might not be much to the main room itself, and yet it gives out an inviting and creative, enriching vibe.

Conveniently located on Peel Street aka the heart of the Adelaide CBD precinct, the collaboration of these businesses means that meetings with prospective clients just got easier and professional. Yearning to move away from the ‘working from home’ concept, these ladies have done a great job in not only agreeing to share a space for their professional development, but also have a physical space from where they can run their businesses more seamlessly.

Upon walking in to the studio, I got the feeling that this was an office space that deserved hard working individuals such as Claire and Evelyne to work independently as well as a team and bring in the work atmosphere with a fun twist to it.

When speaking to Evelyne and Claire, it was inspiring to hear that the two had previously worked together in separate avenues and were looking to find a space that would not only continue pursuing this venture, but also allow both businesses to have a space where productivity can hit an all-time high.

There is a cosy corner to the left of the entrance, where one can find their ‘mantra of the day’ and allow them with the opportunity to activate their thinking in a distraction-free zone. There’s also a boardroom at the far end of the space, where meetings and conference calls can galore and impressive ideas can be brainstormed, created, and brought to life. The floor-to-ceiling windows allow for all the natural lighting to fill up the room with further aspects of transparency and positivity.

All in all, the girls have done a great job in setting up their start-up design studio and we can’t wait to see how efficiently they will be using this studio to further their career success.

Special thanks to Renew Adelaide for helping local businesses such as CK + Plot Works kick-start into gear, and for hosting us on this auspicious event.

Words by Fatema Sitabkhan

WHERE: 22-26 Peel St, Adelaide


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