Hustle Coffee Co. – Adelaide

Going to work in the city on a Monday morning is a tough ask, especially when you’ve had a relaxing weekend. For those that venture past Light Square, you’re in luck! Hustle Coffee Co., a new specialty coffee store, has just opened up on the ground floor in the building that was once Stormy’s brothel. Owned and run by two entrepreneurs, Steve and Pete, this quaint little coffee shop offers a unique coffee blend that originates from Brazil and Peru. Every month, they’ll also introduce a single origin coffee with this month’s originating from Nicaragua. For those that want something more substantial, they have granola bowls, protein balls, raw cakes, bagels, toasties, foccacias and salads. All the ingredients and products are sourced locally and made fresh daily.


The Granola Bowls are beautifully presented in glass cups and are almost too pretty to eat. The cups are full of crunchy rolled oats and nuts, and crispy puffed rice. Traces of honey, along with the sweetness from the strawberries and blueberries are balanced by the sourness of the smooth, creamy yoghurt. A great, healthy way to start the morning!


The Ham and Salami Foccacia is also another satisfying offering on the menu. The saltiness of the cured meats is balanced by the subtle sweetness of the aromatic pesto and sundried tomatoes. The pine nuts in the pesto adds a contrast in texture as does the fresh crisp basil leaves. A simple dish that lets the natural flavours shine through.


The owners and staff that run Hustle are passionate about what they do and it shows. The coffee is on par with what you would find in Melbourne, and the food is exceptional as well. The place is about great coffee and good service without being hipster. Definitely worth checking out if you’re in the area, and for the first month, follow or like them on social media to get 25% off your coffee.

Hustle Coffee Co. is open weekdays from 7am-3pm.

WHERE: 1/155 Waymouth St, Adelaide



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