Wurst of Adelaide

With all the buzz happening down Peel Street and Bank Street, it was time to move the party over to a different location. This weekend we saw The Wurst of Adelaide, a family friendly BBQ event taking place on Chesser Street, alongside The Henry Austin. The goal is to bring this part of the city alive with a series of different themed events every few months that showcases SA’s local talent and businesses.

One dish that did catch our attention was the gourmet Wild Boar Sausage with bacon, boudin noir, sauerkraut and burnt apple mayo. The boudin noir was served in pieces and had a lush, creamy, dense texture. Made from pork blood, it worked well with the two other pork ingredients in this dish. The other ingredients provided a flavour contrast with the sourness of the sauerkraut, sweetness of the mayo and the saltiness from the bacon. Definitely the best of the wurst!


Along with the bounty of bangers from The Henry Austin and other local vendors, there were South Australian wines, craft beer, espresso martinis and the delights of a bourbon bar to help wash everything down. One drink we couldn’t get enough of was the Pineapple Cobbler Cocktail from Steve The Bartender. This delicious concoction was the perfect balance of sweet and citrus, and so good, you couldn’t tell you were drinking alcohol.


Adelaide Food Central would like to thank Chesser Street Events, who are made up of Event Management and Planning (Nutella Palooza), Biggies at Bertram and The Henry Austin. With the rainy weather aside, it was a great relaxing family day out and we can’t wait to see what’s in store next.

WHERE: Chesser St, Adelaide

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