Fat Controller

The fat man; he’s big, he’s loud and he’s the coolest Adelaide club to hit the CBD.

Fat Controller opened in November of last year and has quickly become one of the city’s most popular clubs. Fat Controller offers an array of musical entertainment, including resident DJ’s, national and international DJ’s and live bands from across the country.


General Manager Hugo Pedler talks about Fat Controllers growing miscellany of music saying

“Fat Controller is a live music venue that caters to all genres. It’s great to see the music culture start to change as acts that would normally skip Adelaide are now coming down to play gigs”.

Just a few of the famous acts to bless the Fat Controller stage include Japanese Wallpaper, Alpine, Client Liason, Nina Las Vegas, George Maple, DMA’s, Paces, Running Touch, L D R U and an Australian icon, Shannon Noll.


Resident DJ Elliot Jamie also adds perspective stating

“The diversity of artists that we’re able to showcase from acoustic acts to live electronic performance is at core of why being a part of the team at Fat Controller is such a privilege”

Not only does the fat man house a club and host live music but he has also been home to many of the hottest post festival and gig after parties with bands such as Alice in Wonderland, The Rubens and WhatSoNot.

Shaped from an old underground train station, Fat Controller is the perfect intersection where grunge meets grace. Concrete and steel pipes give the darkened club an urban jungle ambiance, which the young and old embrace and let the pounding rhythms of the jungle’s music take control of the night.

The contrast of concrete with the giant bright neon red train controller face that is the club’s trademark that greets you at the entrance provides a warm and energetic glow.  The combination of glowing atmosphere and positive energy make coming to ‘Fats’ Adelaide’s very best night out for those who love the social scene. The drinks on offer are seriously good, ranging from vodka raspberry to salty margarita, while the bar staff are the friendliest you’ll encounter.

Behind the stage, you’ll also find the band room, where bands sit back and relax before their show. To make sure they’re looking their best there’s an in-house barber where band members grab a quick trim before performing. For those who want to sit and enjoy the music from a more comfortable perch, Fats offers seating areas where friends gather round wooden tables to chat while catching the show. If you’re one that doesn’t dance but can’t sit still, the Big Man also has pinball machines on offer and a photo booth to help you keep memories of these nights alive forever – and believe me, you’ll want to.

It’s hard to find an Adelaide resident that hasn’t experienced fat Controller but for those who haven’t I highly recommend it. Come dance with the Fat Man.

Words by Jamie Bucirde and Photos by Fat Controller

WHERE: Corner Bank St and North Tce, Adelaide


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