Pranzo – New Menu Items

Located right in the business district of Adelaide, Pranzo is a favourite hangout among the business, media and political identities. Not only are they a great place for coffee, they also serve up delicious modern Italian cuisine. It was only 6 months ago since our last visit, but since then, there have been a couple of changes on their menu. We’re huge fans of this place, and we were absolutely delighted to come eat here again.

We start off with the Fitto Misto which is a plate full of fried school prawns, calamari, fish, potato crisps and chilli aioli. The calamari and fish pieces are soft and delicate, and are fried to a light golden brown. All the other elements are simply crunchy, which makes this a perfect dish to go with a drink. The chilli aioli really packs some heat and will certainly warm things up during this cold weather.


The Winter Salad is made from witlof, pumpkin, roasted grapes, grains, mint and goats curd. If there was ever a healthy salad, this is it. The grains were dense with a soft, chewy texture. The pumpkin was soft and delicate, and its natural sweetness was complemented by the roasted grapes. The mint added a burst of freshness while the goats curd provided subtle hints of citrus.


The Orrechiette was cooked with pork salsicce, broccoli, chilli and parmesan. The ear shaped pasta was cooked to perfection and was brought alive by the well seasoned pork mince and fresh chilli. Each bite was full of flavour and you couldn’t help wanting more.


The Squid Ink Spaghetti was cooked with prawns, bugs, crazy water, sea herbs and brandy. Once again, the pasta was perfectly al dente, and with all the seafood in this dish, you could really taste the flavours of the ocean. This pasta dish allows all the natural flavours of the ingredients to shine through. It’s amazing in every sense.


Once again, the whole experience at Pranzo was faultless. The staff were warm and welcoming, and the service was fast and efficient. More importantly, the food was delicious and you’ll walk away feeling satisfied. Pranzo is up there with the best Italian restaurants in Adelaide and there’s a reason why.

WHERE: 46 Exchange Place, Adelaide


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