Oporto – VIP Dinner & New Menu Launch

A fast foodie is someone who craves good quality flavorsome food but wants it now. This is what Oporto is all about, and at their new menu launch this was clear. Oporto began in 1986 when a young Portuguese immigrant opened a chicken shop in North Bondi serving Flame Grilled Portuguese Style Chicken and it was an instant hit with locals. Oporto are set apart from the rest with their unique sauces and flame grilled chickens, and with more restaurants opening in SA it’s popularity seems to be growing.


Before we got to try the delicious food on offer, we were lucky enough to be shown around the Oporto kitchen. Oporto pride themselves on using fresh South Australian produce and hormone free Chicken. They flame grill their chicken to order and from the smells in the kitchen it was apparent that they are all about quality and taste. It was also pointed out that there are no microwaves in sight in their kitchens, which is a great change from a fast food chain.


We then had the pleasure of sampling some of Oporto’s tasty burger range. The Bondi Burger is one of the most popular of the range which features chicken breast, lettuce, cheese, mayonnaise and Oporto’s special chilli sauce. This was a great burger and the tastiness of the flame grilled chicken really sets this apart. Similarly with the Oprego burger, it is flavorsome and the tangy Prego sauce is a great addition. We also had many sides spread out for us to enjoy including Salsa, Potato Gems and Spicy Rice. The Potato Gems were a definite favourite amongst guests.


We were lucky enough to then sample Oporto’s delicious Churros. They were fresh from the fryer and absolutely delectable. They were perfectly crunchy on the outside and light and fluffy in the center. Dipped in the melted chocolate it was amazing and I could have eaten a very large serving of these. This was a great ending to a fabulous menu launch and having never dined at Oporto before, I now will make sure I choose Oporto for my next fast food fix.

Words by Angela Scarfo from All About That Food

WHERE: 139 Angas St, Adelaide


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