Epworth Studios

If you have walked down Pirie Street before, you may have noticed a beautiful, old building that resides next to the Adelaide City Council and/or the ever so popular BTS café.

Epworth Building is home to a number of businesses, and among them is Level 1 that has recently been renovated to house 5 independent, local fashion labels:
– Lapito Footwear
– SIG The Label
– Julie White
– Sylvy Earl
– AZALEA Models

The team at Adelaide Food Central was invited to the launch of Epworth Studios, with special thanks to Renew Adelaide.

Each of these labels has the opportunity to use their workspace to manufacture, sell, and manage their businesses from a proper “office”.

Pia from Lapito, for example, is very thankful to have a space that is not part of her home, as it can be difficult to work from home and find motivation, when distractions are all around. Her label specialises in creating custom-made footwear for “dapper little feet” from the ages of 0-8. While they sell at roughly $60 per pair, they are hand-made and are crafted with some seriously unique patterns – simply adorable for those tiny feet!


Similarly, Kate from SIG mentioned that she founded this label as a way to inspire chic and comfortable clothing that is all about layers. And from what Kate was wearing, I was in awe at how brilliant and fashionable her clothes looked – and all the layers just added to the comfort element effortlessly!


Julie White is a namesake label that aims to offer designs and patterns that are created by gaining inspiration from a “modern Australiana” vibe. The materials of this label are delicate, intricate and super cute! Coming up with designs herself, Julie is hoping to bring a pop of fashion-based magic in her scarves and socks. I especially enjoyed how her label can adhere to a wide age range, so there’s something for everyone!


Sylvy Earl’s millinery label specializes in crafting some seriously gorgeous and handmade headpieces and hats. I was fortunate enough to try one on, and it sat perfectly on me. The headpieces are very comfortable and even though they are well expensive (selling at around $300 or more per piece), they would make a statement and would act as a staple item for special occasions.


AZALEA is a dual label that works to provide models with a platform to kick-start their careers, as well as a clothing line that provides youthful and gorgeous selections of classy and sophisticated clothing. Similar to the other labels, AZALEA is hoping to use their space as one where models can get their signature shots, train for their runways, and carry out castings for their agency as required.

With so many exciting and innovative fashion brands, it will only be a matter of time before we see each of these labels succeed and accomplish big, starting in their home base of Adelaide. With a motivation and yearning to achieve the best, these studios will not only aim to offer quality service, but will also act as driving forces of inspiration for each other.

We are fortunate to have been part of the launch of Epworth Studios and are looking forward to see the best of the creative minds flourish in Adelaide (and hopefully around Australia and worldwide very soon)!

Words by Fatema Sitabkhan

WHERE: Level 1, 33 Pirie St, Adelaide


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