Adelaide Central Market – Producer in Residence Stall

The Adelaide Central Market has been a vibrant hub for small business, family business, and artisanal producers for over 147 years. The average lease at the Adelaide Central Market is 44 years with the longest lease spanning over an amazing 93 years.


The Adelaide Central Market is a renowned centre for food culture in South Australia and aims to be the world’s leading food and produce market. In order to encourage and nurture home grown talent, the Adelaide Central Market has created a platform for businesses to test, trial and experiment with ideas and produce. The goal is to grow successful and viable food businesses to contribute to the economic development of the local, vibrant food industry. The platform has come in the form of the Producer in Residence Stall, which is a micro shop and a creative space for artisan producers, food innovators and startup food businesses to test, trial and experiment with their produce in a real and relatively safe retail environment. Every fortnight, a new small business gets the opportunity to trial and sell directly to the customers at the Adelaide Central Market. Not only does this provide customers with the opportunity to regularly experience something unique, it allows the small business to create new networks and sale opportunities.


The first business at the Producer in Residence Stall is Sucre Patisserie which is owned and run by talented Pastry Chef, Keva Freeman. Keva has been baking since the age of 17 and has spent half her life doing what she loves. Her career has seen spend a lot of time interstate and overseas, and has now seen the opportunity to expand by setting up a stall at the Adelaide Central Market. Keva likes to source everything locally and seasonally, and currently likes to use citrus and wattle seeds in her creations. She feels the stall will give Sucre Patisserie a lot more exposure with so many people that come through the Adelaide Central Market. Ultimately, she’d like to open her own stall or have a shop. From the sweet treats we sampled today, we’d say she’s well on her way!


The Producer in Residence Stall is located on the north-west corner of the Adelaide Central Markets. Make sure you visit the location regularly to see what is on offer.

WHERE: 44-60 Gouger St, Adelaide



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