The Highway – Mushroom Month 2016

Mushroom lovers rejoice! Mushroom Month is back at The Highway for the month of July and those who want to take advantage of the health benefits should count their lucky stars. Entering its sixth year, Mushroom Month is a popular annual culinary delight for those who enjoy nature’s hidden treasure. All the produce is sourced by The Highway’s Head Chef,  Elliot Hampton, who gets the mushrooms fresh from local South Australian growers. Adelaide Food Central, along with other guests, were invited the mushroom menu. All food and drink were provided free of charge.

First up was the Swiss Brown and Courgette Roulade that came with a smoked tomato bearnaise, parmesan crisp and pickled pearl onions. In the centre is a roll that is made from Swiss Brown mushrooms and zucchini. It is soft but firm and is the centre piece of the dish. The other elements of the dish provide a good contrast in flavours; the smokiness of the bearnaise, sourness of the pearl onions and the sharpness of the parmesan crisp.


The Truffled Duxelles Raviolo is your not your ordinary piece of ravioli. The pasta is firm and well cooked, and the filling has a nice gooey centre of yolk. This is balanced by the delicious sage butter sauce that it sits on. The taste of truffle is prominent which is what this dish is all about.


The 250g Eye Fillet and Pickled King Brown was served with a sweet corn foam, celeriac fondant and black sesame. The beef was juicy and succulent with lovely pinkish centre. The corn foam was smooth and creamy with a lovely natural sweetness. This was well balanced by the nutty flavour of the black sesame.


The Forest Mushroom Gnocchi which contains a combination of porcini, shimeji, fried enoki and oyster mushrooms in a chestnut cream. The thing I love about this dish are the variety of textures from the different mushrooms. The enoki mushrooms have a nice chewy texture which complement the morsels of gnocchi.


Mushrooms in a dessert? Why not? Welcome to the Enchanted Mushroom Garden which has peanut butter ice cream, white truffle cold custard, candied enoki, chocolate soil and a marshmallow meringue. There are two components of mushroom that have been cleverly incorporated into this dessert. First in the custard which is smooth and creamy with subtle notes of truffle and the other in the enoki which provides a nice crispy texture. The meringue is soft and delicate, and the chocolate soil adds a crunchy texture. The dessert is not overly sweet with a different taste sensation with each mouthful.


Who would have thought you could create such a unique and tasty menu using mushrooms? If mushrooms were presented in this fashion, I’d be eating them all the time!

Adelaide Food Central would like to thank the staff at The Highway for their hospitality.

Mushroom Month will be held in the month of July in The Highway’s bistro and lounge bar.

WHERE: 290 Anzac Highway, Plympton


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